About Me

Hello gorgeous! I’m Nikee; a cabaret fueled, burlesque blooded, illustrated broad with vaudeville vocals, and dangerous proportions.

Welcome to bigbawdyburlybeauty, which is essentially what it says on the tin. I’m Big (in personality and dress size), and Bawdy (if you meet me in a social situation, it will be less than 5 minutes before I either swear or say something crude). Burly is short for burlesque, one of the main passions in my life, and Beauty is part of my job! I think it is absolutely vital to think of yourself as beautiful. This doesn’t have to be all the time of course! Just when you see an extra sexy photo of yourself, or someone pays you a compliment.

I’m a single woman in my late 20’s, living in the north west of England. I began blogging properly towards the end of 2015, and created bigbawdyburlybeauty as a space to jot down my experiences in life, love, travel, beauty, burlesque, fashion, friends and everything else that I can squeeze in. I have a chronic illness, in the form of Hypothyroidism, which has limited me in many ways, but also is part of who I am today.

You will see mentions of ‘Patti Cakes’ throughout my blog. This is my stage name, which I will use for burlesque performance and as my ‘alter-ego’ if you will. I’ve put a link on the blog’s home page for my Patti Cakes Facebook profile, which has regular updates of my modelling and future projects. Go take a peek and give me a like!

I hope you enjoy perusing my journey through fat fashion, a love of vintage, developing a new career in burlesque and my ever growing knowledge of make-up artistry.


Thank you for your support so far!


What did you think?

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