Highstreet Fashion Halloween: Freak on Fleek or Gothic Glamazon?


My Halloween inspired looks where every item can be worn again…

My God, I fucking love Bette Midler. Look at her perfectly judgemental face! This is how I look when I receive an unsolicited dick pic. Take Note!

Now, as I’ve demonstrated in my previous post, I’m a sucker for vintage reproduction clothing. It makes me feel beautiful, extra curvy, feminine and classy (it’s rare someone describes me as classy!). Having said this, I’m not prepared to wear a petticoat and structured swing dress on my day off. Here’s a confession: I love leggings! And slouchy tops! And stretch-jersey fabrics! Ahhh, there, I said it.

So I’ve embraced modern fashion, and it’s easy-to-throw-on-and-possibly-not-iron clothing. Still, I like an edgy twist and a nod to the past: whether it be Victorian, Rockabilly or old-school Madonna. As a result, I’ll happily waste hours browsing the collections of ASOS Curve, Boohoo Plus, New Look Curves etc. when I’m broke. But on payday, a combination of pieces from these kind of brands can create an affordable, comfortable and fashionable outfit. Why not shop with a theme or look in mind? Voila! You have a Halloween outfit full of items you can wear again! I know this may seem basic but I’ll opt for stereotypical Halloween characters so you get the idea! Of course, all from plus-size/wide fit ranges. Also, I’ve tried to keep all outfits for around £100 (not including the make-up). I know, I know, this isn’t a budget many could spend on a Halloween outfit. My logic, however, is that it’s easily what most people spend on the combination of top, bottom, shoes and accessories! Remember, you can wear all of these pieces again…

Plus Size Victorian Vampire

Simply Be Tie-Neck Blouse, £29 (up to a UK 32)

New Look Curves Black Velvet Blazer, £29.99 (up to a UK 32)

Boohoo Plus Lucy Peplum Midi Skirt, £12 (up to a UK 24)

New Look Wide Fit Black Suedette Perspex Ankle Boots, £29.99 (up to an 8)

NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick in Cherry Skies, £6.50

Practical Magic

Pink Clove Zara Velvet Star Shift Dress, £26 (up to a UK 28)

New Look Wide Fit Black Velvet Over The Knee Boots, £44.99 (up to a 9)

ASOS Snake Hoop Earrings, £8

The Big Tights Company Bottle Green 60 Denier Tights, £13.95 (up to a UK 26)

NYX Wicked Lippie in Risque, £5.50

Feline Fleeky

ASOS Curve Wrap Jumpsuit in Print, £30 (up to a UK 30)

New Look Wide Fit Black Velvet Cross Strap Block Heels, £29.99 (up to an 8)

Crazy Lenses Pink Cat Contact Lenses, £10.00

Claire’s Accessories Cat Eye Lashes Glasses, £8.00

Claire’s Accessories Multi-colour Glitter Cat Ear Hairclips, £4.00

Freedom Makeup Pro Melts in Applause, £3.00

If you like what I’ve done with these outfits, comment with another idea and I’ll thoroughly enjoy adding another collage! I’m now completely obsessed with that sassy cat costume I’ve just created… oops!



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