Goodbye, 2016

Well, it’s been an odd one. I know that Buzzfeed, Tumblr, and basically the internet in general is on a ‘fuck off 2016, you’ve been a total wanker’ bandwagon, but we have all had our personal ups and downs this year. Here’s a short recap of mine!

In January, my ex and I came to the difficult conclusion that our relationship did not have a future.


I actually love Preston, where I live. I have friends who may as well be family, opportunities to expand as Patti Cakes, and quick links to all the major cities in England and Scotland. I knew I didn’t want to leave, and although I’m not currently following a specific career path, I’m happy in my job. I put out a short but sweet request to my friends list that if anyone were to enjoy the thought of living with me, now was the time. After a few well considered responses, I met up with Abi, who had been a long term customer of mine when I worked for Urban Decay. I knew we had friends and interests in common, and we decided to meet for lunch. Lunch became house hunting! Over the space of 2 months, we had put a deposit down to rent our gorgeous 3 bedroom house, nestled between two shops in a bustling area of Preston. You can read more about our sisterly relationship here, and the positive effect she has had on me. Even if she is a messy cow!


Special mention to my handsome piggy Darwin who turned 4 in September. He’s the most reliable boy in my life, and has really come out of his shell since moving in with Abi. He’s started to become hilariously vocal in the mornings, singing along with me to the radio, and can always be relied on for a warm belly rub (but don’t push it).


Delilah is the opposite of Darwin: rude, insolent, and naughty. She’s also super affectionate, soft as silk, and becoming the lap-cat I always needed! I can barely sleep without her nuzzling into me, and there is nothing better than the smell of her little velvet-y head when she’s been sleeping under the radiator. She’ll be 2 in January, and I’ve decided she shares the same birthday as me, the 26th!

In February, I had the wonderful experience of successfully auditioning for The Curvy Convention as a catwalk model. This meant that I spent several weekends in London with some absolutely gorgeous babes, a lot of whom I featured in this post. I achieved my dream of walking on the catwalk in lingerie, representing the gorgeous Fate Luxury. This was an empowering and amazing moment that I’ll never forget.


The actual event itself has left a bitter-sweet taste in a lot of people’s mouths as well as my own. I’ve actually refrained from posting a write-up of the event because I feel embarrassed about the actions of the organizer and I don’t feel she deserves the positive press. The organizer was Linda Koch, who was responsible for The Curvy Convention and The British Plus Size Awards, as well as a range of other plus size events. Linda has let down the  community in a number of ways over the years, but the issues surrounding this year’s events are unavoidable. Barely any of the models have been paid our promised fee, after spending hundreds on travel and accommodation for the event. A lot of brands felt the organisation on the day was shoddy, and in general it did not compare to the huge success which was The Curve Fashion Festival, created by the gorgeous Zoe Pennick (check out my roundups of 2015 and 2016!) The British Plus Size Awards was a saga in itself, and I feel this is best covered by Debz in her post here.


I took part in the incredible event that is Sexhibition, in its second year running. On the  Saturday I had been chosen to model on the catwalk, and I spent the Sunday networking with brands and beautiful people. I left with a weekend full of inspiration, new friends, gorgeous lingerie and even ended it by interviewing one of the most incredible women, the one and only Alix Fox! Can’t wait for Sexhibition 2017! This event helped me get my mojo back, feeling more comfortable expressive myself as a sexual young woman, and encouraging me to talk about this more. Expect some frank, hilarious and honest sex ed coming your way next year!


The end of this year I haven’t been feeling so well. My immune system has been shot, and I’ve caught every bug going. I’ve been consistently tired, crying on the phone to my parents, and generally hoping I’ll wake up after a night’s sleep without feeling like I’ve got a hangover. Invisible illnesses are often most frustrating because telling someone you’re knackered is just the tip of the iceberg. I’m getting a blood test after new year and looking further into how I can help treat my illness. I have made one major decision, however. I have decided to once again go vegetarian. I was veggie for about 2 years when I was at uni, and I’m more than happy to go back to that diet and way of life. This is not to lose weight, but to see if my lethargy improves and my choices get better. I’m actually quite excited about this, and I can’t wait to share some sexy recipes with you!

I have to admit, about halfway through this post I went and had a lie down and a little cry. This was both painful and cathartic, but necessary. I need to leave certain feelings and certain people in the past, and begin 2017 with a new lust for life.

Finally, I want to thank every beautiful woman and man who has come into my life this year. You’ve contributed in both big and small ways, and I’ve learned more about myself by meeting you. Good luck to all of you, and Happy New Year! See you in 2017

Nikee x





  1. Rio
    December 31, 2016 / 10:19 pm

    Couldn’t wait for this post doll, happy new year to you! I’m so glad I met you honestly don’t know where you have been all my life. Here’s to march when we get to see Funny Girl which I am extremely excited about now! Have a good one doll, see you in the new year love you lots ❤️

  2. January 9, 2017 / 10:53 am

    Happy New Year doll! I hope that 2017 will give you some more happines 🙂

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