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We all need to take a moment to appreciate ASDA’s latest range…

In recent years, supermarkets have introduced clothing and home-wear into their stores with a greater focus on design and content. I’ve found some absolute bargains in the form of clothes, shoes, bedding and decorative accessories. There have been cult favourite ranges and even some guest designers such as Gok Wan for Sainsburys and celebrity chefs releasing kitchen equipment.

I’m lucky enough to have a large Sainsburys and a large ASDA pretty close to my home, or at least on a decent bus route. My friends can never understand why I get so excited about a trip to the ‘big shop’, but I always end up finding something I’ve never eaten before, or seeing something perfect for my home, or finding the perfect top to go with my new skirt.

After a boring afternoon in work, my desk-partner and I fancied checking out the ASDA website after she was looking for new bedding. ASDA released George to their supermarkets back in 1990, offering affordable fashion and reliable home-wear. I’ve picked up some super cute bits in the past, including the ever popular pin-up bedding. I bought a set for my bed, and an extra set just for the fabric, hoping to one day achieve something like this! Keep an eye out for their special Christmas pin-up ranges, I’ve seen some talented gals use the fabric for festive skirts and dresses.

Back to the current website. I should NOT have clicked on the new in section! Focusing on more kitsch and quirky styles, George have outdone themselves. I’ve discovered a new aesthetic I didn’t even know I needed in my life!

I present to you: Dolores Umbridge Realness…

Dolores Umbridge Realness:

This whole ‘fugly cats on doily plates’ look will absolutely seal my fate as a spinster, but I don’t care! Look at that bedding, featuring all kind of effeminate floofs! A matching cushion is perfect for leaning against while you bask in all this feline glory. Take in your surroundings in the sweet romantic light of this porcelain lamp, while viewing your tasteful cat ornament, ring storage, wall hanging and decorative plate!

If this isn’t your taste (and I’m not stupid, I know this was an extremely niche market!), then George home have lots of other themed ranges to go for. Lets steer away from the girly kitsch and focus on a more neutral style.

A Taste of South America

A Taste of South America:

When I spotted this alpaca bedding set, I was immediately reminded of the llamas of Peru. This inspired me to create this cute South American inspired collection. Neutral, with pops of green from the cactus vase, decorative succulents, and insect print cushion, while tying in the traditional look with these rush storage baskets and snuggly knitted throw. I would complete this look with a colourful peruvian style rug!

Modern Mixed Metallics

Modern Mixed Metallics

There’s a right way to do metallics, and mixing antique shades of gold and pewter can leave your room with a rather luxe feeling. I love ornate mirrors, and this gorgeous French style silver number is no exception. Scatter your bed or sofas with these damask and deco design cushions, complimented by this lovely silver velvet throw. I really like the idea of these miniature LED peg lights, as you can hang cute photos under a soft light with a quirky twist. Finally, you can fill your shelves and surfaces with unique additions: a rose gold alarm clock, silver stag head, ombre vase and champagne trinket box.

Victorian Curios

Victorian Curios
This selection is right up my street, with nods to classic Victorian decor and the macabre. Rich jewel tone hues stand out from the butterfly wall art, tapestry cushion and pineapple lamp. An old world feel is highlighted by this wall clock, dark wood nesting crates, and palmistry hand. Finally, bring some elegance into the room with glass, this mercury effect skull lamp is dark yet beautiful, and you can set the mood with this cut glass light set and candelabra.

There you have it! Some inspiration if you’re having a decorating overhaul, or just looking to spice up your current theme. I am certainly hoping I can sneak a visit in soon, as their popular items sell out quite quickly!


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