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What comes to mind when you think of Yours Clothing? A vast range of plus-sizes, reliable wardrobe basics and competitive prices. They have many retail locations that are easily accessible, providing our curves with an actual option to try things on before we buy. If your local high street has any plus-size options, it will usually be Evans and Yours Clothing. Out of the two, Yours tends to be the favoured, ‘more affordable’ option. Additionally, they run an annual competition for a spot in their new season fashion campaigns, called the #faceofyours, attracting Yours customers from all backgrounds to enter and share their journeys towards body confidence. Just look at this bevvy of beauties!

Recently, I’ve found myself browsing the Yours website more often. Lured in by the addition of collections such as Yours London, the Limited Collection and Yours Luxe, I can see the effort the brand is making to gain more popularity amongst fashionistas. There are still a lot of standard ‘fat flattering’ designs that will appeal to the more self-conscious shopper, such as empire line tops to skim over your tum and angel sleeves to disguise bigger arms. These styles will always be firm favourites amongst plus-size women, as the majority of even the most body-positive babes will appreciate the option of a floatier, less clingy style. Still, Yours are playing with bolder colours, different fabric textures and, although there are still a lot of florals, there are more stripes and polka dots to choose from. They have brought in guest brands that I personally love such as Hell Bunny and Lady Voluptuous, providing exclusive designs and sizes not available anywhere else. This is creating more of a buzz around Yours, who are obviously aware of the diverse crowd they attract.

Yours recently offered to send me an outfit from their own range to try out, as I’m yet to feature them on my blog. Thank you lovelies! After a good browse, I was able to find some items which reflected my style whilst still being available in most sizes. I’ve tried to choose something I feel would appeal to women who aren’t as alternative as me, while still including an element of Patti Cakes. I also wanted to avoid choosing a dress, as I feature them so frequently on this ol’ blog! After sticking pretty well to my 2018 New Years Resolution of wearing more jeans and trousers, I thought I’d look at some separates. I shot these photos on a bright, blustery afternoon in Manchester with Olivia and I’m happy I chose this transitional combo over a summery one!

*Warning* – This is a picture heavy post, because every picture Olivia takes is pure gold and I wouldn’t want to waste any of them!

My little tiki loving heart skipped a beat when I saw these tropical tapered trousers. A comfortable, elasticated high waist complimented by a slim, tapered leg design, I knew I could wear this bold print with all of my existing bamboo, tropical and tiki accessories. I have an affinity for Monstera plants, so the lush blue and green leaves on this fabric were a hit for me. The fit is great – I’m usually in-between a 22 and 24, but I’m wearing a 22 here and there’s enough material for them not to cling too much around the tum and bum. The length is surprising for Yours, I’m a 33 inch inside leg and these trousers sit comfortably on my ankle, a rarity in high street fashion. The high waist is comfortable, and the elastic is soft and doesn’t dig in. I’d personally avoid wearing this type of polyester blend during a hot day however, as I don’t cope very well in heat and this fabric does nothing to keep you cool. Still, I could definitely see myself working this look in the evening on holiday, perfect for a round of cocktails!

Online, these trousers have been styled with a tucked in white cami top and heels. This gives a lovely smooth silhouette and elongates the legs, and I do like how they have made a feature out of the wide black elastic waistband. This is a great formal look, and imagine how sophisticated it would be with a white blazer and black fascinator – I’d even say this outfit is wedding-worthy! As we are slowly reaching the end of summer though, I wanted to style these trousers in a more ‘UK weather friendly’ way, so instead of a cami I opted for the black kimono sleeve wrap top.

I’m usually a UK 22 when it comes to stretch jersey items, so I ordered the 22-24 in this top. I found that it actually came up quite big, and would be better suited to a 24-26. There’s a lot of material as well as a lot of stretch, and I felt that it didn’t really hug my body in any way, looking a lot more shapeless than I would have liked. I know that if I’d ordered the 20 I wouldn’t have had an issue, so if the style of this top appeals to you I’d absolutely recommend sizing down.

What I will say is that it was a great length – it sat just over half way down my bum, and the front draped down to the tops of my thighs. This is great for any ladies that are self conscious of their belly outline, and I personally found it comforting that it would cover any camel-toe if I happened to yank my trousers up too high (a very common occurrence, no ‘high waist’ is ever high enough for my body length!).

Although this outfit would look great with gold, I opted for accessories with a silver detail. These heels are old Simply Be and the bag was from Very – by pure luck I picked them up in the sales a few years ago and they match perfectly. I’m a studs and tassels kind of gal, and feel they always bring more edge to an outfit. I also brought my pair of XL mint green sunglasses, cause I’m extra.

Realistically, I feel Yours will always have an affordable option if you’re in need of an outfit, no matter what the occasion. Whether you’re going shopping in the city, out for a romantic meal, or off to a wedding, there’s enough choice available at Yours for you to put an outfit together for any occasion.

For everything else, there’s comfortable pajamas and loungewear, practical and sexy underwear, standard and wide fit shoes and accessories too. There’s arguably more choice online than there is in store, but it’s always nice to be able to actually inspect a garment up close and try it on for size. Yours also have Bump It Up Maternity, worth celebrating as a rare plus-size friendly maternity brand!

Once again, thank you Yours clothing for sending this combo, and thank you to Olivia for generally being an absolute star!

How do you find the sizing at Yours? And have you checked out their new season release?


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  1. September 5, 2018 / 2:54 pm

    Those tapered trousers are a different look for you but it totally paid off, you look great. My goffy heart loves that top.

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