Stripped: Gabi Fresh X Playful Promises

It’s been a funny few months you know. Moving house is stressful, especially when you’re working full time and don’t have any holiday allowance left to give yourself a rest (well done, Nikee). Take that stress, add a large measure of exhaustion, pepper with a chronic illness, and add a dash or two of time-wasting fuckboys, and you’ve got yourself a mojo-less Nikee. That’s right guys, I haven’t been feeling very sexy these last few months. The fuckboys mentioned haven’t helped: I bravely got back on the old dating Trojan horse, only for it to be filled with disappointment, liars, and weasels. I’ve been spotty, hormonal, lonely and emotional. Not your stereotypical sex bomb, eh?

However… I think I may have my mojo back! The house move is done, I have a wonderful lodger, I’ve been to the Drs to look at my meds and I’ve banished all fuckboys from my life. I’m still spotty, but I’m also a banging makeup artist, so when it counts I can make my skin look better. I’m still emotional, and have bad days with my mental health, but overall I’m doing well. I’ve been seeking support and encouragement from the right kind of people, blogs and music. I get so inspired when I see people of all ages, shapes and sizes being artistic and comfortable in their own skin on my feeds. I’ve been sat on the sideline admiring these people for their bravery, wishing I could have the same don’t-give-a-fuck attitude and feeling like I’m yet to push myself out of my comfort zone. Well guess what my friends? No more wishing!

Some of you may have noticed my Instagram becoming a bit more body-positive, badass, and naked over the past week. I ain’t sorry! I’m on this confidence train for the long-haul now, so get used to seeing more of my skin, lumps, bumps and curves. This isn’t about showing off the fact I’m fat, it’s about showing off the fact I am accepting my body for what it is. What better way is there to celebrate my fresh start than to lounge around in sexy underwear and remind myself that I’m a firecracker?!

 Enter: Playful Promises. I’ve mentioned these darlings on my blog before, back when I attended Sexhibition 2016 as a plus-size model. At the time, the Playful Promises Curve range was in it’s infancy, and I was so grateful to the team for taking a chance on a small-time blogger like me and sending the beautiful Candace set. I’m happy to say the Curve range has flourished and there is now an abundance of bras, briefs, thongs, teddies, suspender belts and more for us bigger girls to choose from. Not only that, but Playful Promises have recently collaborated with a US plus-size sensation for the Gabi Fresh X Playful Promises range. Gabi started out as a blogger, but now has many more titles under her belt including design collaborations with Swimsuits For All, and now has her own stunning fashion brand alongside fellow plus-size powerhouse Nicolette Mason called Premme!

Gabi Fresh X Playful Promises is everything I wanted it to be. Sexy, comfortable, unique and damn affordable! It’s already highly coveted amongst other UK plus-size bloggers and has been doing the rounds on the blogs and instagrams of all my favourite ladies. After agonizing over the full range for a few weeks, knowing I could only limit myself to one set, I decided to treat myself to the Madison Fishnet Bra and matching Madison Fishnet High Waist Brief. I actually chose the Madison over it’s sister On The Rocks to push me out of my comfort zone. I knew that it would leave me with nothing to hide my tummy roll, with the fishnet panel being so transparent. I also liked the fact the bra was a soft-cup, with no molding and padding and again being just transparent enough to see my nipples. After all, I intend to wear this set in a sexy scenario at some point, so I chose thin and sensual material over slimming and molded. And boy I’m glad I did!

Firstly, I’d like to point out that I am yet to redecorate my new bedroom, and I’ve ripped the old dado rail off the wall. This has a provided a less-than-sensual background, but I wanted to make the most of the lighting from my window! Ignore the wall, just look at my bewbs. As you can see, I am feeling myself in this set. I’m wearing a 40F in the bra and a 22 in the bottom. To start, I’ll remind you that I’m a 40H. Playful Promises only go up to a G or sometimes a GG. Usually I find their back sizes quite tight, and I also have to size up an extra backsize to make up for the fact I’m a H cup, so I make do with the 42/44G in most styles. However, it seems that in the Gabi Fresh range Playful Promises have worked on their sizing, as I had to order this bra three times before I figured out I needed a 40F! I’d say the back sizes are spot on and the cup sizes are in fact a little big. I passed this information on to my darling Hayley from Curves and Curls before she put her order in. I’m happy to report that my method worked a treat for her! So a) Size down your standard cup size and b) Stick with your usual back size (or size up by one if you are usually in between).

A back, side, and backside view! As you can see, the bra has a glorious four hook & eye fastenings, providing a firm and wide back panel for maximum support and minimal back rolls. You can also see a side support panel in the cup which helps the soft cups keep your ta-tas central. The briefs have an adjustable slider on the side to ensure they aren’t cutting into your waist too much, but I feel this is one of those styles where a little bit of chub-roll actually looks sexier!

Speaking of chub roll, I actually adore how my belly looks in these briefs. It’s contained, but clearly visible. The strapping draws attention to my waist and enhances my hips, and the fishnet is thick and supportive with a thin mesh layer to stop the pattern warping over lumps and bumps.

You can see from these photos that apart from my own back rolls and belly, the set is an incredibly good fit on both the top and bottom. The knickers don’t dig in anywhere or cause unnecessary bulges, and the bra still gives me a nice rounded shape despite being soft cup.

Regardless of the shit lighting and using an app on my phone to operate my digital camera, I entered full boudoir photoshoot mode and lived out my fantasy of being a scantly-clad girl gyrating on a bed in a rock music video. The cats were treated to one heck of a show, I can tell you.

One issue I would point out is that where the side strapping connects to the central panel, it is held by a little gold D-ring which matches the other cute gold details on the set. Unfortunately, as soon as you move, the strap pulls the D-Ring so that it isn’t flush to the skin any more. Unfortunately there’s no way to avoid this, even when adjusting the tightness of the strap.

The only other thing that lets down the designs is the underwire band. The bra features a band of the same elastic used on the straps that runs along the underwire of the bra. This is something that features on several of Playful Promises’ designs. This elastic is more than thick enough for straps , but when sat under the bust of any woman who doesn’t have a toned/flat stomach, it rolls up and sticks out at the sides. I don’t even feel this issue could be rectified with a wider band of elastic, as most plus-size women’s stomachs bulge up and out if they lean forward in any way. I’d imagine most bigger ladies are suffering from the same issue as me, and considering this is a curve range available up to 44GG, it’s a design feature that doesn’t agree with plus-size bodies.

Nevertheless, I adore this set. I’ve worn it out in London, with the sexy strap detailing of the bra peeping out of my go-to black wrap over jumpsuit. I felt supported, sexy, and unique. I do feel the briefs actually contribute as slight shapewear, as my stomach looked lovely and smooth under my clothing.


I wanted to include both of these pictures to remind you all what posing can do for plus-size bodies. On the left I’m sat tall and straight, ready for the flash to go off. On the right, I wasn’t prepared, and having a moment to think of my next pose. I love how I look in both of these pictures. If I was wearing this set for someone in the bedroom, chances are that they will see me without poses, without flattering angles, and in a relaxed and comfortable moment like the picture on the right. I still feel I look sexy, and I’d want my partner to think that too.

Have you treated yourself to anything from Gabi Fresh X Playful Promises yet? You won’t regret it!

Keep an eye out for some more Playful Promises featuring on the blog soon!



  1. BISH
    November 16, 2017 / 6:34 pm

    You look fucking incredible in this lingerie. You are so badass and such a beautiful person inside and out. I aspire one day to be as confident with body as you do because I want to look that sexy. Love you bish cant wait for some more shoots like this. xxxxx

  2. Jaggy
    November 19, 2017 / 9:35 pm

    Thank you for sharing this. As someone with the same body shape, in LOVING seeing it adorned with sexy underwear, making it beautiful and relatable. I can wear that! I love harness style underwear and was immediately drawn to the fishnet as well, giving it a fun twist to the sheer, which is always lovely!

  3. Vron
    November 19, 2017 / 9:47 pm

    Looking gorgeous as always Nikee. Off to check their range out. Vx

  4. Dani
    November 19, 2017 / 9:51 pm

    Total complete Queen. I loved you anyway. I love you more now. #BitchIsBACK ❤️❤️❤️

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