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Lady Voluptuous is the plus-size friendly sister brand of Lady V London, created in collaboration with Georgina from the blog Fuller Figure Fuller Bust.  A few weeks ago I published this post on the stunning Lady Voluptuous Lyra dresses, with photos taken by the insanely talented Olivia J Photography. Since then, there’s been a flurry of social media posts and exclusive summer promo codes, which means there’s a lot of happy Lady V lovers out there with new dresses! I do feel that Lady Voluptuous have created a monster though, as the constant demand for Lyra in a variety of patterns has left the website with barely anything left! I’m sure there will be another release in the next few weeks.

This blog post features two dresses that were available in most sizes less than two weeks ago, but due to the popular nature of Lady V London dresses, you can’t rely on them to stick around for longer than that! My recommendation is keep your eyes on your inbox for Lady V emails, as they are usually advertising a new style is for sale, or a promotion is available. Once a new item is live, they tend to sell out of a least one size before the week is through, and sometimes sell out completely if the design is popular. You’ve got to stay observant if you’re a Lady V lover like me!


One thing I always forget is that Lady V London’s own range goes up to a UK 22. As I’m between a 22/24 I never gave it much thought, but they recently brought out the beautifully cut Elsie dress and I fell in love with the stylish sarong wrap detail. To be honest, it reminded me of the stunning Vivien of Holloway sarong dress I used to own, which I stopped fitting years ago as they only go up to a modern UK 18-20. I’ve been waiting for a plus-size friendly option to hit the market, and Elsie definitely hit the spot!

The first batch of Elsie dresses were released in the most beautiful fabrics, I just wish they hadn’t all sold out so I could have collected more! Fruity, colourful, tropical summer goodness, perfect for my wardrobe! Although the Coconut Mix print initially attracted me, I ended up opting for the Watermelon print as it was different from anything I already owned (and it set me a fun challenge to find a watermelon pink lipstick!).

I shot the following pictures with Somerside Photography in the beautiful Blackpool Winter Gardens. It was the end of a scorching day shooting the Voodoo Vixen set, and the stunning glass roof provided us with all the natural lighting we needed for this vibrant print!

The lipstick? The Revolution Pro Supreme Matte Lip Pigment in Ardent was a perfect match! I really enjoyed the formula of this product too, it is both comfortable and smooth. There’s no cracking or creasing like dryer liquid lipsticks, and there was no worry of it transferring or smudging as I quickly got changed in the toilets (please excuse the bra strap and hanger loop sticking out, we genuinely shot these pictures in a hurry!). I also found the perfect pair of earrings for this look thanks to the talented HollyHocks Jewellery on Etsy. These stunning Iridescent Monstera Leaf Earrings are the perfect combination of kitsch and summery, and I love how they catch the light and reveal different colours. The fact they had a watermelon-pink stud had me thinking this combo was meant to be!

Elsie herself is an absolute dream to wear. As I said, I’m wearing the 22, but I feel a 20 would have nipped in my waist better, and it didn’t feel tight enough on the bum or legs. I’d recommend any girls who are a UK 24 to consider Elsie, as you definitely won’t have a problem fitting the 22. The fabric is the same type that’s used for Lyra, so you can rely on the colour to stay bright, the stretch to allow for movement, and the draping to hang perfectly. The wrap bust is cut so well that it actually covered more of my cleavage than I’d prefer! But as it’s usually the opposite issue, I’m sure my fellow bigger-busted ladies will celebrate this fact. The sleeves aren’t too tight, and the wrap over skirt goes the full width of the body, so there’s absolutely zero chance of flashing when you walk.

I wore the same shoes all day, an old pair of New Look Wide Fit white sandals that I actually snapped up on eBay – brand new for £3.50! All I did was search ‘Wide Fit size 8’ and browse the UK sellers, you’ll be surprised what bargains you can find that were on the shelves in shops not that long ago.

I’m definitely going to make the most of Elsie this summer so keep your eyes peeled on my instagram for more Watermelon love.

Another Lyra

Surprise, surprise! Unfortunately, this pattern is also sold out after a remarkable mark down in price last week. Still, the pictures Scott and I took of the Red Lily Lyra are far too pretty to go to waste, so I thought I’d let you guys take a gander at them. Aren’t I nice?! Again, the Blackpool Winter Gardens provided a stunning backdrop (spot the gawping passers by!):

Incidentally, it has frustrated me that this dress was named Red Lily. Silly, I know, but the flowers on the fabric are clearly Hibiscus and Plumeria, with no lilies to be seen! I’m a bit of a fanatic when it comes to tropical flowers, and a perfectionist when it comes to matching accessories!

Naturally, I’m wearing the Debra Double Hibiscus hair clip from Lady Luck’s Boutique, as well as custom made blue and white Izabela. I kept my stunning Leopard Earrings from Voodoo Vixen in from the shoot earlier that day, as they pretty much match anything, and added a neutral tone to this colourful combo!

I can’t tell you how good putting on a Lyra makes me feel. To know this dress has been designed to fit me near-perfectly, while I remain cool and comfortable all day and still maintain my vintage vibe – it’s nothing short of a plus-size miracle! I know other vintage-style brands make clothing in my size, but you often sacrifice a lot of comfort in the name of pin-up fashion, and Lyra simply does not allow that to happen.

I’m doing my absolute best Jennifer Coolidge face on the right photo!

Seriously though, can anyone else see the resemblance?!


I have a vast collection of handbags that I feel I need to feature more. This little beauty was actually sat on the shelf in a charity shop! It’s got tiny embroidered martini glasses all over it, and bamboo handles, perfect for a super kitsch pinup like me! I’m a sucker for charity shops, whether it’s old lady jewellery, a surprisingly cute bag, or vintage homewear! Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, thrifting can be a vintage-lovers dream.

Some may see it as pointless that I’ve blogged about these now-sold-out items, but at the end of the day, I’d rather be called a Style Blogger than a Fashion Blogger. Lyra and Elsie continue to be available in many new prints, and I know that just seeing them on a body like mine can inspire more women to treat themselves (Do it! You won’t regret it!). I’d like to be admired and followed for how I wear, style and accessorize a look, rather than just showing off something that’s in stock and profitable through affiliate links.

 Don’t get me wrong, I love receiving gifted items from brands who want to promote them, and I’m pretty much always shopping for something on the high street or online – but I can’t just ignore the huge investment that is my current wardrobe, containing many beautiful things that deserve to be worn. I often wonder how the bigger bloggers have time to even wear all the clothes they are sent, then I remember they all have Depop and instagram selling pages! I too sell a lot of clothes (to make money to buy more, duh!), but I’m content that I don’t have a ‘recyclable’ attitude towards my wardrobe and gifted items. I hope you understand where I’m coming from!

 In the mean time, my eyes are fixed on the Lady V website for their next drop of fabrics, as you can be absolutely sure they will sell out like hotcakes!

Thanks for reading!


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