Pumpkin Spiced Patti with Lindy Bop

Shops are selling decorations, recipes for seasonal food are aplenty, films are showing on all TV channels and there’s parties to attend. It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

It’s October! The month of autumn and warm food and finally HALLOWEEN!

Yay! It’s become very clear that I adore Halloween, and so far I’ve managed to wear a different spooky item of clothing or accessory for every day of October. This is a month of festivities for people like me, and we count down the days until we can shop for gothic homewear, buy horror-themed clothing and have even more of an excuse to wear super dark lipstick (not that it stops us all year round). As a side note, is anyone else obsessed with vintage Halloween illustrations? They are ridiculous and often adorable. A bunch of manically smiling cats marching out from under the stairs with hats and pumpkins?! This is like something straight out of my dreams!

Anyhoo… I’ve been mixing up a treat for you in my cauldron of creativity, my little darlings. I’ve managed to shoot THREE fully realized Halloween looks with one of my favourite photographers, Scott from Somerside Photography, last weekend. The leaves were just turning brown, there was a cold breeze in the air, and I put on Thriller as I got ready. Bliss! I already gave my Instagram followers a sneaky peek at today’s look, and the reaction has been amazing! It’s clear you all approve of my Halloween alter-ego, Pumpkin Spiced Patti, and I’m happy to say I have a lot more images of her to show you!

I’ve recently been in contact with well-known vintage repro brand Lindy Bop, who kindly asked me to choose an item from their A/W 2018 range to promote. Well, I could have chosen from tasteful tea-dresses and slinky wiggle numbers, but I knew immediately what would be perfect for Pumpkin Spiced Patti – the Marcella Twinset in Burnt Orange.

Marcella comprises of a sweetheart-neckline swing dress and matching cropped jacket, both fully lined. The brocade fabric is both warm and luxurious, catching the light to show off it’s pattern. And can we talk about this colour?! Yes, I have orange hair and I’m wearing orange accessories, but even without these you get a rich, deep orange hue.

And pockets! Glorious pockets! Need I say more? To help with the hourglass shape of the dress and add to the witchy vibe of the look, I decided to cinch my waist in more by popping on my black leather waist cincher, an old ASOS Curve favourite.

The skirt sat just on my knees, but as I’m 5’11, I’d be inclined to recommend it’s a knee-length/below the knee skirt for most! I’m not wearing a petticoat in these pictures, but the stiffness of the thick fabric makes it hang beautifully. If you want, however, you can fit a petticoat underneath for extra volume and warmth!

The jacket is a comfortably loose fit, and the sleeves are very roomy too. It has a distinctly 1960’s style, and I must admit I was channeling all my favourite Madmen characters while wearing it! It fastens securely with 3 large poppers, and doesn’t sit too high on the neck that it feels tight. I’m wearing Marcella in a 24, and though the waist was spot on, you can see it’s actually a little big around the bust and back, which is rare for me and the Mitchell brothers!

I came up with the idea for this look while being inspired to wear my limited edition Lady Luck’s Boutique pumpkin hairpiece again. I bought it last year on a Halloween whim as it was just the cutest thing I’d ever seen, and I adore Lady Luck’s Boutique for their quality and craftsmanship. It’s not had nearly enough outings, and I’m so glad it’s now in the photos it deserves!

Here’s some absolutely lovely close-ups of my face, complete with fuzzy peach cheek hairs! These shots are to show off the utterly adorable Pumpkin Cat Earrings sent to me by the very generous Dolly Cool. While we are this close, how beautiful are these Betty glasses from Retro Peepers in Graduated Emerald?! I might have to buy them in a variety of colours now as they are just the perfect vintage accessory, and they are giving me naughty secretary realness!

Clare also sent me the matching Pumpkin Cat Brooch which made a perfect addition to the jacket. Isn’t he adorable!? (I’ve decided it’s a he, as it looks like my gorgeous ginger tomcat Darwin). I bought this black Carved Leaf Bangle specifically because it has an internal diameter of 7.1cm, which is the smallest size I can possibly fit over my somewhat large hands. I’ve been lusting after 50’s style bangles for a while now, and believe this could be the start of an ever-growing collection!

My photographer loves to create images with movement, and I do agree it’s a great way to show off the fullness of the skirt – and flash a bit-o-leg! My black fishnet tights are from Pamela Mann and are a size 20-26. I’d probably say they are more suitable for a 20-24, as the waist was almost at full stretch on me and I’m a 22-24. The heels are old faithfuls I bought from New Look wide fit almost 10 years ago and have featured in many photoshoots by now!

Although there’s lovely crisp autumn leaves on the ground, I’m glad the trees were still green, as it made the colours in these photos perfectly pop. What you don’t see is the children/cyclists/dog walkers we waited to pass in between photos!

Thank you Lindy Bop and Dolly Cool for gifting me these gorgeous items, and thank you Lady Luck’s Boutique for inspiring Pumpkin Spiced Patti! For those of you that are interested, the lipstick I’m wearing in these photos is the new NYX Suede Matte lipstick and lipliner in the shade ‘Girl, Bye’. The formula is amazing and it didn’t budge all day, through 4 outfit changes and lots of coffee!

Finally, thank you to Scott for being an insanely talented photographer and always understanding the ‘look’ I’m going for, even if it seems strange at first!

Don’t miss my next Halloween posts including more loveliness from Dolly Cool and Hell Bunny!

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  1. Rio
    October 6, 2018 / 12:18 pm

    This look is absolutely unreal and is getting me so excited for the Halloween season!!!
    You look beautiful and spoopy all at the same time.
    Love you Bish x

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