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You may have heard of Pink Clove as they sell on ASOS and regularly pop up in the ASOS Curve section. Fashion for UK sizes 16 – 28, I’ve often found bargain pieces that I wear again and again. Pink Clove offer workwear, casual wear, dresses, jumpsuits and more in a variety of materials and colours. I’ll let them describe their business:

“From our trend-led collections to our curve-flattering cuts, We are a plus size girl’s dream and experts when it comes to flattering the fuller figure. We show our design skills in our collections of waist-cinching wrap dresses, super-soft jersey and full skater skirts.”

I’ve had another browse through their site this morning, and I have to admit I’ve crushed on a few items…

How cute is the Riva Gingham shirt dress? I love this tunic length but the thin material means I won’t look too bulked up if I wore it over some black skinny jeans. That bow detail on the collar may even tempt me into trying a high neck, as this is not a neckline I’m not usually friends with! At £24.00 this is a bargain, and I would totally wear this with leggings and boots for work too. Double whammy! I have a feeling I would add a giant patch on the back  like this, or one on the pocket, reminiscent of Lazy Oaf designs. Edge it up!


I have a real thirst for bondage-styled detailing, and this Evita Ring jumpsuit is no exception! Again, another bargain at £24.00, I know I’d feel sexy and comfortable while jiggling the night away on the dancefloor. Definitely one to wear with some baby pink accessories, keep them guessing just how naughty or nice you are…

evita frame.png

I’m a fan of velvet. I’m a fan of green. Check out the Viola dress! I love how Pink Clove have styled this in the product shot, those over the knee boots and choker look super sexy on the model. This is the opposite of how I’d wear it, as I have so much green vintage jewellery I would no doubt wear it with 1920’s accessories and fingerwaves in my hair. That’s the fun with high street fashion, it can truly adapt to most styles. Another £24.00 steal.


I recently made a purchase from Pink Clove, and it has quickly become my new favourite day-off item. I was of course attracted to the bold and beautiful design printed on the front of the Lucia Praise Women Long Sleeve Jersey T-Shirt Dress:


Let Us Now Praise Badass Women?! YAS QUEEN!

This slogan, along with the intricately henna designed hand and metal horns symbol makes this statement top equally empowering and beautiful. I actually want everyone to read it when I’m wearing it, just so they truly see this message which is so often overlooked.

rock hands.png

There are thousands of incredible, inspirational quotes from badass women throughout history, but these are a few that really struck a chord with me. Learn from the best:


I am proud to be a woman, and I hope that my contribution to the world is that which inspires other women too. Whether it be through meeting me face-to-face, reading my blog, scrolling through my instagram, or hearing about me through a friend; I hope that I evoke the message that I am proud to praise badass women.


I bought this dress in a size 22, my usual size, and I was prepared for it to be tighter round my boobs. There’s just enough material for it to be loose around my waist and hips, without being too oversized. I’m happy the sleeves are long for when I’m cold, but most of the time I wear them rolled up. I’m not gonna lie, the neckline was a bit high for me and made it look more like a sweater than a top, so I cut that off for a raw-hem look:


I wore this on Saturday for a trip to the beautiful Lancaster Castle with my besties, and it felt very poignant to stand in the very spot the Pendle Witches were trialled whilst wearing this design! The castle, along with a still active Crown Court, contained a working prison up until 2011, and this has now been opened to the public as part of the tour.

prison me.png

We felt like we were in Badgirls!


These are two of the most badass women in my life, and I’m ecstatic to say I’m going to be a bridesmaid at each of their weddings. I couldn’t be more proud of what each of them has achieved, and I’m overjoyed that they are both marrying intelligent, talented, supportive  and handsome men. I bloody love you guys!







  1. March 6, 2017 / 11:24 am

    I love it that shirt design! I really like that gingham dress too, and that’s not something I would ever have looked for myself.

  2. March 9, 2017 / 5:21 pm

    Yes!! This is shirt is amazing, you look incred! The design is lush and I totally agree with the sentiment: let us now praise badass women 💪 It does look great with the neck cut out of it, tbh, and I’m actually really liking that gingham dress you’ve picked out too. Might have to head on over to Pink Clove for a browse… xx

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