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Hey you little lovelies! I’m so sorry I’ve not been updating the blog throughout November. I’ve been job hunting and prepping for interviews has taken up a lot of my time. Never fear, I have some awesome collaborations to show you over the festive period and we’re starting with me getting in my undies once more – hurrah!

Before I begin, I need to advise those of you who don’t know me that I’m a bit of a bargain hunter. If I’m buying something full price, you best believe I’ll Google a promo code before I check out! A lot of my favourite items have been bought in the sale or on special offer too. There are certain things that I always consider investments though, and will happily pay full price for. One of these is a pair of boots that will last more than one winter, and the other is bras!

I’ve mentioned many brands over the past few years that I favour for lingerie, especially Curvy Kate and Playful Promises. Sometimes I get so used to shopping the same sites over and over, I neglect to discover new ones. This year, I was approached by the team behind UK Lingerie, who also own UK Swimwear and UK Tights. UK Lingerie was created by Dawn, a business woman who recognised a gap in the UK market for a good online lingerie reseller who sold quality products to women of all shapes and sizes. The team pride themselves on delivering exceptional customer service, along with a huge range of lingerie, shapewear, sleepwear and more.

UK Lingerie kindly offered a pair of lingerie sets to review, choosing from the vast range of brands on offer. I tend to shy away from pale and plain underwear, so decided to break that tradition and opt for a pale, modest set in the form of the PrimaDonna Divine Underwired Bra and Maxi Brief in the shade Venus.

PrimaDonna are a luxury lingerie brand who focus their historic design skills on creating bras for women with larger cup sizes. Their higher price point is justified by their exquisite craftsmanship and reputation built over more than 100 years. Now I will admit, even with UK Lingerie stocking bras up to a J cup, I was limited when searching for items in my 40GG/H size. Certain styles were out of stock, others skipped my back size. I hesitated to look at the more expensive brands, knowing it was a price-point outside of my usual budget, but UK Lingerie assured me they wanted a truthful review regardless of the product. After some debate, I decided to see what all the fuss was about regarding UK Lingerie’s vast PrimaDonna selection and their amazing reputation.

Here’s what UK Lingerie have to say about this beauty:

“The Divine seamless bra from PrimaDonna is an all lace cup without any padding. This beautiful bra has preformed cups and a heart shaped line that gives a sexy look. The cups are made of beautiful French lace with a floral design. The lace is transparent and makes the bra look uber feminine. The cups lift and center your bust in such a way that you feel the support from the moment you put it on. The seamless finish makes the bra ideal when worn under tight fitting clothes. This bra has the most comfortable fit which is unusual when a bra has so much lace. It’s glamorous and chic yet functional at the same time.”

One thing I think would improve this bra (particularly for larger sizes) is the depth of the band at the back. It’s truly not deep enough to support any kind of back fat, which is almost guaranteed when dealing with big cup sizes. You can see from the side profile picture that it just folds under the armpits, not providing the firm side support which makes the world of difference to bigger busts. Other than this, I found the straps very comfortable and the underwire did not dig or rub. I’ve worn the bra to work several times, and other than a slight case of bullet-nipples on a chilly day, I’ve not had any issues!

The briefs are advertised as ‘maxi’, which doesn’t explicitly promise to be high-waist or ‘full’. The biggest size available equates to a UK 20, which is a bit of a bummer considering their back sizes go up to a 42. I’d have ordered a 22 if they were available, but the 20 still fits. They are made of the same materials as the bra, with a floral applique to the left side. They sit under my belly button, which means that with movement they eventually slip down below my belly too. As I’m quite tall, I’d blame this on the length of my body usually, but judging from the model online it seems these are just a strange design which is not quite high-waist and not quite hipster. There’s no control aspect, just a lovely smooth pair of pants that match your bra! FYI, I’m wearing The Big Tights Company White All Woman Hold Ups in these pictures.

Now, please allow me to shake off that ‘good girl’ image and go back to my saucy roots. Lets be honest, the second set I picked was much more ‘me’! I set my sights on a pair of the Maidenform Tummy Solutions High-Waist briefs in black after hearing rave-reviews about their shapewear. I wanted a black bra to match, but I was still limited by what was available in my size on the website. I decided to try out the Playtex Flower Elegance bra, sister-sizing my usual 40H to a 42G as this was all that was available.

This is how UK Lingerie introduce Maidenform:

“Maidenform is one of the best designers in the world of shapewear. They have a design for everyone and a solution for anything. Speaking of solutions, this range is called Tummy Solutions, a line up designed for everything from your hips to just under your bra. This Hi-Waist Brief is a fine example of just how great this range is. It features firm control that really shapes and sculpts your figure, it is high waisted for great coverage and it has a power mesh lining. This is a garment that offers the maximum effectiveness possible and it is one we absolutely recommend for those who want the best shapewear possible.”

I honestly don’t have a bad word to say about these briefs. I’m wearing a 4XL, which roughly translates as a UK 22/24, ie. My size! These briefs do everything they promise. They don’t dig in, they don’t roll down, and they give my curves the most amazing shape. I feel completely comfortable in them, with no restrictions whatsoever. The panel of power-mesh lace around the legs means there’s no seams to show up under dresses or jumpsuits, and the design is high enough for me to tuck under my bra, eliminating any extra back rolls *said in an Alyssa Edwards voice*. I genuinely love these briefs, and will be letting you guys know every time I’m wearing them under an outfit here on the blog. They are available in nude too!

What do UK Lingerie have to say about this boulder holder?

Playtex are known for their comfy and supportive bras, but they also have some beautiful and delightfully feminine designs too. This one is a great example of that. Lacy, feminine and detailed, it has all the trapping of a fashion bra. But it has all the technical brilliance of a classic Playtex, with underwiring and a supportive set of wider straps. This is how you balance form and function.”

Lets get one thing clear – this bra  is not technically the correct size, which may affect the fit slightly. Having said this, I don’t really know how a tweaking of the sizing could help with the extremely pointy shape it creates – check out that picture on the right! On Playtex’s own site, they specify that this bra creates a rounded bust, but I worry this is only effective in the smaller sizes and not when it comes to the large cups. The pros? This bra is seriously comfortable. The  straps are soft, and don’t make you feel like the entire weight of your breasts is sitting on your shoulders. The underwire is specially padded at each end to ensure nothing digs in or feels sharp – no more stabbing in the armpits! Even the back band feels smooth and supportive. If you are looking for comfort, this is the bra for you. It’s now my go-to day off bra to chuck on under a jumper, regardless of the pointy shape it creates!

I have to be honest, it’s refreshing to review and photograph full cup bras. Often when we see lingerie being modeled on plus size women, it still seems to focus on the sexier options and mostly plunge or balconette shapes. To support boobs the size of mine, a full cup is often necessary, especially for all-day wear. I’ve been lucky enough to find some perfect plunge bras that fit like a dream, but I wouldn’t fancy working a 10 hour shift in them!

Thank you UK Lingerie for asking me to showcase just some of your incredible range, and I look forward to seeing what else you begin to stock for your fuller busted and fuller figured customers!



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