London Edge 2017: The Journey

I’m still on a little cloud of happiness after my weekend in London earlier this month. I had been looking forward to London Edge since blogger babe Tanya hooked me up with a ticket before christmas. After all, I’d seen one too many posts from my other blogger friends attending over the years, and I was getting major FOMO!

London Edge takes place twice a year, usually in February and September, and is labelled as the ‘Authentic Lifestyle Fashion Trade Show’. It features businesses ranging between gothic jewellery, rockabilly clothing, alternative accessories, bright and bold hair colourants and even dark magic bath products! Truly a mixed bunch, but a wonderful one. You can take inspiration from the UK’s most beautiful pin-ups walking around as models and guests, or chat to the designers of some of the alternative fashion world’s most famous brands.

This is a trade show, which means very little is actually for sale (my purse says phew!). It’s the chance for shop owners to place wholesale orders, and for business arrangements to be made. It’s a sneaky peak for bloggers and influencers to see what is coming, what trends will be set throughout 2017, and which brands have stepped up their game. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for me to network my arse off, and that I did!

As December/January leaves everyone skint, I was on a budget when booking my travel to London. This meant I was on the old faithful Megabus, which is harrowing at the best of times, but I actually opted for the bus that left Preston at 1:55am and arrived in London at 6:45am. It wasn’t one of the fancy sleeper ones, just a regular Megabus with the inevitable collection of people who have no concept of personal space, manners, or covering their mouth when they cough/sneeze. Grim! I chose this bus because it was the cheapest (I now know why) and also because it meant I didn’t waste a whole day travelling when I could already be in ‘The Big Smoke’. It was hell on earth. I spent half of the journey sat next to a man who didn’t speak English and apparently needed approximately 1 metre of space between his knees. Now, I know I’ve not got a petite derriere, but even I can keep my own arse/body/limbs on my own chair. He was taking the piss with his manspreading, and no form of hand gestures/translating/loud huffing was going to make him reposition himself. Once we got to Birmingham and some passengers got off, hope was in sight. I moved to the only spare pair of seats on the coach, as I wanted to stretch out my 33 inch inside legs, and this can only be done sideways on a coach! I spent the rest of the journey in only mild discomfort, napping when possible and listening to Gunship (my latest obsession!).

London air isn’t fresh, but it’s a damn site sweeter than a Megabus toilet. Victoria was already bustling as I walked through the station at 7am on the Saturday morning with my suitcase. I had managed to save myself some money by arranging to stay with my beautiful cousin, her husband and their new baby in Lewisham. They were away over the weekend and asked me to pick up the keys to the flat from her neighbour, but not before 9:30am. I had one thought on my mind: Coffee! I made my way towards Lewisham and Hither Green so that I could hibernate in a local cafe for a few hours with some toast and caffeine.

Once I got into the flat, I had to have a nap. I said hello to Marnie and Cornelia, the cats, then settled down for a few hours. Waking up in the early afternoon, I felt totally refreshed. I knew, however, that I needed to sleep well that evening so I could get up and ready to meet the other blogger babes for breakfast on the Sunday. What better a way to tire myself out than head into the centre of London for a mooch? I put my face on (you never know who you’ll meet in London!) and spruced up my comfy clothes with my gorgeous Suddenly Seymour brooch from Backbeat Betty, a gift from my work-wife!


Heading into London, I enjoyed a stroll starting from London Bridge, past Shakespeare’s Globe and the Tate Modern, across the Millennium Bridge (the one the Death Eaters destroy in The Half-Blood Prince!), and over to St Paul’s Cathedral. It’s quite knackering ducking and diving around swarms of people! Suitably full of (not so) fresh air and culture, I decided I deserved a trip over the Oxford Street.

I knew this would be the best opportunity for me to see the latest plus-size collections from high-street brands in the flesh, and I wasn’t disappointed. If this had been a hardcore shopping trip, I actually had the rare choice of several retailers, including: River Island Plus, New Look Curves, a huge Forever 21 + section, Simply Be, Evans, and my new obsession for accessories, Stradivarius! I treated myself to this new oversized mustard-y-olive coloured cardi from River Island that I’ve been lusting over. It’s a great investment for me, as I don’t actually wear jackets or coats! I’ve worn it non-stop since: its super cosy and adore the colour against my ginger hair!

I was getting quite tired at around 4pm, and realised I hadn’t had anything to eat since the cafe at 8am. My best friend introduced me to Wasabi while we were in Leeds for my birthday, and I’m gutted that’s the closest one apart from Birmingham! I settled down for some Tofu curry and ordered an extra portion of the Tofu Yakisoba which I ate for dinner later on whilst watching Paris Is Burning. Yum!


The Shard and London Bridge from the train. Drizzly!

I actually felt really good after my little independent day in London. I’m not the biggest fan of my own company, but I enjoyed going at my own pace and not worrying about anyone else’s needs for a bit. As I pin-curled my hair and got ready for bed, I looked forward to the next day and what opportunities it might bring.

Although I got a decent amount of sleep, nothing will stop me looking knackered in the mornings. I pottered around the flat getting myself primed into pin-up Patti. This was the first time I had styled my newly short hair in pin curls, and it was easier than I thought. I’ve already got better with practise, and I’m looking forward to creating more of a poodle style when it grows. I perfected everything apart from my lipstick, as I was going to meet my fellow plus-size bloggers for breakfast and didn’t want it all over my face. Here I am waiting in anticipation for the train into London (in my new cardi!):


Tired eyes and ready for breakfast!

Stay tuned for the next post: Sunday at London Edge!




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