London Edge 2017: Do What You Love!

I’ve already published my journey to London and my afternoon at London Edge, but now we’re moving on to the best surprise of the weekend. I had just finished a lovely meal at Byron with the blogger babes, and we had touched up our lipstick etc. Armed with our exclusive entry tickets, we walked over to the gorgeous Islington Metalworks, one of the most interesting venues I’ve been lucky enough to party in!

Arriving at the venue, there was no clue as to what lay behind the inconspicuous garage doors of the Metalworks. There is a large army tank situated outside the venue however, which would have been great for photos had it not been too cold and dark!

metalworks frame.png

Once inside, we exchanged our tickets for a food token and two drinks tokens for the bar. A free drink and dinner in London?! I thought I was hallucinating! The smell of BBQ was wafting towards us from the main room, and if we hadn’t just devoured our Byron meals, we would have thoroughly enjoyed the delicious food that was on offer. Passing the BBQ, we were met with a room bustling with members of the trade show, models, designers and guests. There were fairy lights, neon lights, quirky decorations, and a huge tube carriage in the centre of the room that had been converted into a bar and photo booth! This is just one of the famous features of the Metalworks, and why a lot of people book it as a unique wedding venue.


I could already here some metal playing, and knew I’d be up for a boogie! We headed into a separated room where there was the DJ and a dance floor, fully decorated like a Valentines school dance. Adorable!

dj frame.png

Once we had been served our drinks (brandy and diet coke, thank you) we could mingle and dance to our hearts content. I got better acquainted with the delectable Vicky, better known as The Powder Puff Room! I broadcasted a great facebook live video too which I will try to get on here at some point. The compere of the evening was the xtraordinary Virgin Xtravaganzah, who is everything I love in a drag queen. Fierce make-up, excellent audience banter, incredible costumes, and great singing too. Her offensive rendition of ‘SexyBack’ had me yelling YAS from the front row, and she’s a very talented lyricist! See it on my instagram, @patticakesburlesque!


The effervescent Talulah Blue was the burlesque act for the evening. I’ve always wanted to see her famous costuming up close, and I was not disappointed! She treated us to her cheeky hulahoop routine with a slinky leopard bikini, then later in the night she brought glamour and glitz to the stage with her famous fan dance. She’s absolutely stunning, and professional even throughout the technical audio hitches! I am looking forward to seeing her perform on a larger stage, as I feel she deserved more room to truly show us her unique costume and professional dancing.
I’m quite a warm person, and this room full of bodies wasn’t exactly cooling me down. Still, I couldn’t resist the call of mid-2000’s rock and metal, and I was dancing away with Kerry for most of the night, nipping out for fresh air when I could. Sweaty selfies!
I could tell that all of my babes were really enjoying themselves, and we ended up collecting some extra drinks tokens from the punters who were leaving early. I didn’t pay for a thing all night apart from my tube home. Win!
After using up our tokens, our tired feet began protesting. We headed to the cloakroom to get our bags, and found a gorgeous spot for some more pictures! Of course, in my tipsy haze, I thought it best to test the width of the corridor with my leg…
This began a series of strange and wonderful photographs…
We picked up our belongings, but not before getting this lovely picture of the last gals standing:
Headed to Angel Tube Station, we found this lovely message on the wall which really summed up how we feel about plus-size blogging:

what you love.png

Filled with happiness (and a bit of booze) I headed back to Lewisham and a cosy bed.

I did head back to the show the next day, just to spend some more time with Kerry and finish going around the stands. I have to say, I’m very glad I got to know Kerry a bit more, and she is truly a unique and intelligent lady. Plus, I took her Five Guys virginity! Look how adorable she is:

kerry tube.png

Thank you to everyone involved in London Edge, I had an incredible weekend and met lots of wonderful people as a result. I can’t wait for September!




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