London Edge 2017: All of the Babes

So we left off with me being ready to leave the house on the morning of London Edge here. I hopped on a train and aimed for Kings Cross station, where I was meeting Kerry, Tanya and Boo for breakfast. I had a bloody lovely portion of eggs Florentine at The Parcel Yard and enough coffee to fully open my eyes.


Lipstick on and outfits adjusted, we were met by Tanya’s friend Rhina. She is truly one of the most adorable, feisty, intelligent woman I’ve ever met! She is yet to blog, but definitely has a lot to say, and is a sucker for vintage reproduction clothing. Check out her instagram here. She’s also a world-renowned expert on pineapples and the family they come from, Bromeliads! What an amazing lady.


We made our way over to Islington and walked from Angel up to the Business Design Centre, where we met the one and only Lottie L’amour! Absolute. Bloody. Babe.


Cue some lovely blogger group pictures:


Rhina, Lottie, Me, Tanya, Boo and Kerry

Firstly, can we just appreciate how much of an effort the team from London Edge put into this February’s event. The hall was well laid out, easy to navigate, and looked magnificent from the restaurant balcony:


Now, I’m not gonna lie, it felt pretty good to see the name of my little ol’ blog wrapped round my neck on a Press Pass. What a long way we have come! I also retrieved my exclusive invitation for the opening party that evening, which I’ll talk about in my next post…


Another thing I think all events should offer is a complimentary shot bar upon entering. It didn’t hurt to start my afternoon off with a tasty Jägermeister Spice!


As soon as we walked through the entrance, we were met with a flurry of colour from Extreme Largeness. I’m no stranger to this brand, as little-emo-me happily spent money on their kitshy jewellery and accessories when visiting Manchester’s  Afflecks in my younger years. As I’ve stated before, London Edge is a trade show and not a retailing event, but the guys from Extreme Largeness had a few baskets of goodies for sale. Look at these beauties I’ve added to my tropical collection!


Joyful, aren’t they? Anyhoo, I knew we had a lot to see, so hurried along with the group to see what was next. We were casually enjoying the sights of the first level, when I positively squealed with joy at seeing the sign for Le Keux Cosmetics. I’ve followed the beautiful Lynsey and her sister, pin-up model Diablo Rose, for many years now. They have created a pin-up empire involving salons, events, wedding services and a cosmetics line. Lynsey is an inspirational entrepreneur and it was wonderful to meet her and discuss her brand.She was incredibly sweet and clearly passionate about pin-up styling.


We discussed the range and she suggested one of us try a lip paint on. Tanya fancied matching her dress, and I happily became the impromptu makeup artist:


Lynsey was then sweet enough to offer Tanya and myself a lip paint of our choice. Tanya chose the super-cute Diablo Rose shade and I opted for Cherry Bomb, planning to do a review in the not too distant future and see how it compares to my vast collection of red lippies! My nearest Le Keux salon is in Leeds, but there is also a salon and diner in Birmingham. Lynsey was alone on the Sunday as it was Diablo’s birthday, but I managed to pop back the next day to meet them both together. What a gorgeous pair they are!


Moving up to the second tier, we were lucky enough to network with some of the biggest alternative brands in the industry. Getting a sneaky peek at the new Lindy Bop fabrics and designs sent my heart all-a-flutter, especially the Jackie Kennedy style two pieces:

One stall I’m really happy I found was Nic Love. In a world where kooky acrylic designs are ten-a-penny, Nic Love has some genuinely gorgeous and unique ideas, specialist lashes and gliters. I was especially smitten with the Egyptian Drop Acrylic Earrings, I have a feeling they will be sneaking into my wardrobe very soon!


Heading over to the Collectif stand, I was momentarily stunned to see New Zealand’s finest pin-ups in the form of the beautiful Victory Violet and Soda Fontaine casually mooching around. Was I a massive fan-girl? Course I bloody was:



Once a gaggle of pin-ups had formed, the press decided this was a great photo and asked us to pose. I can’t find any of the professional pictures just yet, but I do have this snap of us with Collectif’s dream team Julia and Pippa:


Collectif had some gorgeous new prints in, and their S/S17 lookbooks are going to be mega colourful! One thing that really caught my eye was their lineup of Lulu Hun sandles on display. This collection positively screams ‘summer’s here!’:


To be honest, I doubt my wide feet will fit in these styles. I spotted some other gorgeous shoes at the Banned/Dancing Days stand, with a great choice of flats too! Again, they probably aren’t wide-feet-friendly, but nearly every pair has a matching handbag/purse which is just as adorable:

After sobbing over dainty shoes, I had the pleasure of meeting the stunning Scarlett Luxe. You may be familiar with her gorgeous face if you’ve shopped with Deadly Is The Female, Voodoo Vixen, and recently Lindy Bop! Another babe I’ve been following for years, she was super sweet and ready for selfies:


With tired feet and dehydration, we wandered up to the restaurant to refresh ourselves. At this point, I was just about to sit down and guzzle a litre of water when Tanya beckoned me over to speak to two lovely ladies. They introduced themselves as being from Iron Fist, and they wanted to take something back to their head office to prove the demand for alternative plus-size clothing is real. Let me tell you, if I were wearing sleeves, I would have rolled them up dramatically and begun a powerpoint presentation! Instead, we had a lovely chat with them and they filmed the entire thing, promising it would reach someone of influence within the company. Watch this space!

It was lovely to catch up with Kyla of Koolies Kreations, who I first met at Sexhibition and conducted this interview. Kyla’s bespoke, unique creations cater to any and all sizes, and she can often be found at the London Alternative Market once a month. If you ever have the pleasure of doing business with her, you’ll find that Kyla is one of the most lovely people you’ll ever meet. Hugs!


We sat to watch the catwalk show, which only disappointed me slightly as the music and graphics were fantastic but the models were extremely generic and had no alternative flair. This is a far cry from the actual alternative models and bloggers that were circulating the event, so I preferred to see what they were wearing instead of the catwalk.


I had a short but sweet chat with Lottie and Hayley before the group decided where we were going for dinner. We all wanted to have a decent rest as we would be on our feet later on at the London Edge Show Party that evening.


Saying goodbye to these two girlies, we headed over the road to Byron Burger for a decent sit down and to refuel. It wasn’t long before I re-assumed my position as MUAH and redid Tanya’s face and hair. I was quite pleased at the result with my limited resources!

Phew! Now it was time to Party!




  1. February 25, 2017 / 9:45 pm

    It was a bloody fabulous day and we need to do something similar soon. I’m so glad you loved Rhina! Isn’t she a delight? Can’t wait to see the party post next.

    Oh, and when are we having my make up lesson??? I can travel xxx

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