Legs For Days: Pamela Mann

I’ve known about Pamela Mann for a long time, as I was gifted a pair of their amazing cartoon printed footless tights from a friend when I was 13. I wore them to death for years! It felt great to rebel against my plain school tights I was forced to wear Monday to Friday, and felt like my wardrobe was showing off my personality. Footless tights are quite dated now, but they solved the gangster-crotch issue at the time!

I think I’m 16 in this picture, living my best life (read: underage drinking) at my friend’s flat in Aberdeen!

Pamela Mann still stock a huge range of printed tights, available to fit UK dress sizes 8 right up to a 32. They recently reached out to me and asked if I’d like to see how their plus size products fit. After taking a browse through their site, as much as I’d love to try out a pair of Westwood-inspired tartan bad-boys, I chose a selection of tights that would fit well into my winter wardrobe.

I’ve found that there’s still a lot of work places (especially in retail/customer service) which require women to wear tights and skirts. Thankfully the brand I worked for in beauty retail was both modern and edgy, which meant trousers/jeans and other bottoms were more than encouraged as long as they evoked the brand’s style. I know a lot of gorgeous ladies with incredible tattoos all over their body, but specifically leg tattoos are often encouraged to be covered. I chose the Pamela Mann Black 140 Denier tights in a 20-26 to see if they would truly hide my tattoos and be suitable for women who want to hide their tattoos. Promising a deeper body rise, wider thigh fit and light leg support, these seemed like a sturdy and reliable pair of tights to encourage ladies to invest in.

These tights have plenty of stretch, both around the legs and on the waistband. I can see why they are advertised as a 20-26, they would definitely fit comfortably for all those dress sizes. Of course, these tights aren’t 100% opaque, but I do feel they did a very good job of covering my tattoos, especially below the knee. As you can see below, there is a large centre panel at the back which could easily accommodate a larger bum than mine (I wish I was more bootylicious!), so you know your curves won’t be flattened or uncomfortable. The denier makes them lovely and warm, and there wasn’t a wrinkly ankle in sight due to the fabulous elasticity of the material! I’d say the biggest pro of these tights is they feel like they have so much more room width wise. I’d fully recommend them to ladies 5’10” or shorter who are a dress size 22 or above, as you won’t feel them uncomfortably pulling or stretching around your thighs, hips and bum.

Having created what I can only describe as a capsule wardrobe for winter, I wanted to pick a pair of coloured tights to match the colour scheme. These Burgundy 90 Denier Opaque tights in a 20-26 fit the bill perfectly.

This colour is gorgeous! The fit is almost identical to the black pair, with only a little difference in the opaqueness. I actually found these to be even more stretchy than the black. There are loads of plain coloured options available on the website, but these are definitely my personal winter favourite!

Now, the only downside for me with both these tights was that the waist band did not come up high enough. I prefer tights to sit bang on my waist or above. Now I do have a very long body, so I don’t expect all ‘high waist’ styles to actually reach my waist. Because these tights still have enough room to fit another dress size or two, they didn’t grip my tummy enough to not roll down when I was sitting. If they had been sat on my waist, this would have eliminated the problem completely. They did fit the length of my legs, but due to compensating for my height, there wasn’t enough material for me to yank up and tuck into my bra (which is my usual trick to stop tights falling down!). I solved this by wearing a pair of high waisted knickers over the top of them (which added much needed warmth on a family walk through the snow!).

The one pair of tights I was most excited about was the Nude Fishnet Tights in a size 20-26. As I’ve mentioned on my instagram, I’m a bit of a sucker for nude fishnets. I feel they add the perfect amount of sexiness to an ordinary colour, and match almost any vintage/pinup outfit. They also make your legs look gorgeous!

I’ll definitely be investing in a few more pairs of these as I cant get enough of them. There is enough stretch to pull the waistband right up to my bra, and there’s a re-enforced gusset on the tights (which is rare in fishnets), meaning your not being all held together by one little cross at the crotch! You can see this in the furthest picture on the right (I needed to point this out so you didn’t think I had one of my flaps hanging out!). These were definitely big enough to go to a UK size 26, and Pamela Mann also offer a pair to fit UK 28 – 32.

I couldn’t resist a showgirl pose or two!

Thank you Pamela Mann for letting me try some of your plus size offerings. I look forward to seeing you at London Edge next week!

Also, special thanks to my darling housemate Sharrona who became my temporary blog photographer this week!


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