Lady Luck in Voodoo Vixen

Hello darlings! As you may have seen, I’ve been on a roll lately with the blog posts. I’ve definitely got my mojo back, and it helps that I’m now working with some of my favourite brands! Not only that, but I’ve got some great photographers in my life now and what we have planned over the next few months is sure to provide some great content, great fashion, and a whole lotta Patti!

As you may have seen, I try to attend London Edge as often as possible. It’s held twice a year in Islington, London, and hosts the crème-de-la-crème of alternative fashion and wears. I’ve used this event to meet some amazing new friends, discover awesome new businesses, and make contacts within some of my long-term favourite brands. I’ve been lucky enough to model Voodoo Vixen before at The Curvy Convention, London, and was familiar with their beautiful prints and generous sizing thanks to bloggers like Amy, Hayley and Tanya.

Voodoo Vixen’s mainline range runs from a UK 6 to 16, and Vixen Curve caters for a UK 18 to 26. I would say their sizing is absolutely spot on! There’s no need to size up/down depending on fabric or cut, and the measurements on their size chart indicate exactly what size you will need. I wear a 3XL in Voodoo Vixen which is only ever slightly too big for me, but as the 2XL caters for 20-22 measurements it would be just a tad too tight on the waist.

After speaking to the team at every London Edge over the past two years, they were well aware that the plus size pinup community were crying out for them to release more Vixen Curve (as they had taken a bit of a break from it over 2016). When I got to their stand in February, they couldn’t wait to whisk me around and point out all the items that were coming out in Vixen Curve sizing. Huzzah! Now, they were pretty convinced I was going to fall in love with the Dana Tropical Cherry Print dress (modelled below by the delicious Miss Victory Violet), and this was very much the case. Mint green colourway? Tropical print including pineapples? Interesting neckline and flared skirt? I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! Fast forward a few weeks later and the brand kindly offer to send me an outfit from the new collection of clothing and accessories to review for you lovely lot. This is the combo I initially had my eye on:

Dana Dress | Pineapple Set | Monroe Red Bag

Gorgeous, right?! But then I had a few thoughts: Firstly, I have a tonne of tropical pinup dresses. Secondly, all the occasions I have this year already have outfits planned (bridesmaid dress etc), and thirdly: I know that a lot of bloggers go crazy for Voodoo Vixen’s dresses, but their fabulous separates don’t nearly get enough attention! My mind wandered back to London Edge, where I remember the girls showing me the incredible print of the Pippa Las Vegas Skirt.

Warning: This is a photo-heavy post! I shot this outfit at the weekend in Blackpool with the amazing Somerside Photography and I need you to see all the incredible images he took. He’s made me look my very best and I think you’ll agree we make a fab team! I will point out that he has not edited anything but the colour and contrast of the pictures, and any flawless beauty you see is entirely my own (and my banging makeup skills)!

Back to the outfit: I decided I needed to mix up my pinup looks more, and not just stick with my old favourite tropical/tiki theme. Pippa stood out as a unique, wearable item with a touch of kitsch that I just had to add to my collection. I had to wait a few more weeks for it to be in stock in Vixen Curve sizing, but boy it was worth the wait!

Pippa is a stunning full circle skirt made from a luxurious fabric with an amazing pattern. Vegas imagery and bold retro lettering adorn the material with a colour scheme of reds, yellows and blues. Essentially, you have the option to wear any primary colours with this skirt, as well as crisp white and deep black. I love a strong colour combo!

The skirt is so full that it hangs beautifully without a petticoat, and it’s the kind of fabric that is heavy enough to not immediately reveal your knickers when you twirl! *Please note, I am wearing my red petticoat in these pictures just to add to the silhouette of the outfit and make the most of the skirt’s pattern by spreading it out*.

I teamed this outfit with a pair of low heeled New Look Wide Fit sandals from last year. Vintage style shoes are relatively easy to find on the high street if you’re looking for something basic or neutral, and New Look is always my go-to store for heels. I got another chance to show off my Skinny Dip X Felicity Hayward Lady Luck bag which was so hugely popular when it was released it completely sold out – even mine is second hand! Here’s me hitting the jackpot (sadly just acting):

Voodoo Vixen asked me to include their beautiful accessories in my outfit choice, so I had a lot of fun browsing their little extras. I decided to opt for these Glamorous Leopard Earrings which have a much more traditionally vintage flair. I love faux-tortoiseshell accessories and knew I’d easily wear these with a whole host of outfits.

I also wanted to add a touch of something one-off to the outfit, so took myself on a search through Etsy to find an appropriate brooch. I managed to find this genuine Vegas poker chip brooch made by the talented No Dice Sugar, a truly rare and unique piece which matched the outfit perfectly!

After creating our faux-Vegas fantasy in the arcade on the pier, Scott and I wondered into the sunshine to see what other locations we could find. We had picked a scorching day to shoot, so I was grateful for the 50’s Round Leopard Sunglasses I’d chosen to match the earrings. You may have seen me wearing these on my Instagram as I honestly can’t get enough of them! We strolled along Blackpool front and what should appear before us but the amazingly appropriate Viva Vegas Diner!?

Both feeling peckish, we asked the management if we could shoot in their amazing surroundings whilst enjoying our lunch. I think my outfit wowed them into submission as they were more than happy to let us prance about! We were settled into a Cadillac booth, and quickly got our heads stuck in the menu. Photoshoots are hard work!  I knew the first thing I wanted was a nice, cooling, refreshing milkshake. Minty, of course!

Cue some cheeky milkshake/pinup shots:

I mean, how cute am I?!

OK, that’s enough of that smut! It might seem simple, but I was bowled over by how well packaged the sunglasses are. I couldn’t resist showing off the sturdy, chic, leopard print glasses case which comes with a handy cleaning cloth. The sunnies look far more expensive than they are, but there’s no compromise on quality, and they turn me into an instant starlet!

And then, dinner arrived! I ordered an old faithful chilli dog which allowed for some pretty adorable pictures:

Now I know what you’re thinking: Patti, when are you gonna tell us where that adorable top is from? Well surprise surprise, this is also Voodoo Vixen, and appropriately named the Debbie Daisy Trim Top! This cleverly designed little number is perfect for tucking into skirts or trousers, as the chest area is a separate panel from the tight fitting body, with gathering to enhance the bust. This means it didn’t untuck or bunch itself up, and maintained a smooth line between the top and the skirt.

With a short, slightly puffy sleeve, this top isn’t at all constricting on the arms compared to other popular retro tops like the Delores from Collectif. Although I’ve got broad shoulders, I didn’t mind the design enhancing them as it adds to the whole ‘hourglass’ silhouette of the 50’s look. With an adorable white and yellow daisy chain neckline, the Debbie top was a perfect match for the Pippa skirt but is also an item I can wear over and over with all my bottoms. It’s available in red too! I’d love a few more colour options in this top, maybe Voodoo Vixen will keep it as a regular piece? I’m praying for a green option, obviously!

Now, what would you do in the perfect Vegas pinup outfit, surrounded by perfect vintage-styled décor, with perfect retro memorabilia? Take lots of gorgeous pictures of course! The staff loved the outfit so much they brought me props to play with!

This resulted in my absolute favourite photo of the day (I think I’m getting the hang of this modelling thing!):

It’s safe to say that Pippa and Debbie are my new BFFs, and this outfit is an absolute jackpot, fit for the Vegas strip! If Voodoo Vixen bring out a statement patterned skirt in Vixen Curve sizing every season, I’ll be a very happy little Patti.

The only thing I’d request? A matching cropped cardi so I can transition this outfit into Autumn/Winter! I’m thinking black with red striped cuffs, a low peter pan collar, and a cute set of playing cards embroidered on the back. A girl can dream! In the meantime, the sun has been shining enough to not need any other layers. Fingers crossed it stays this way!

Thank you Voodoo Vixen for gifting this fab outfit. I’m so happy I can wear each item individually throughout summer, and I know for a fact I’ve got a show-stopping combo for the next casino/Vegas themed event I go to!

Thank you Scott for being an amazing talented photographer, and a wonderful lunch buddy. I hope we can continue to make magic together! Obviously, it’s not always going to be the perfect pinup pose:

What do you think of Vixen Curve? Anything caught your eye? And if there are any pinups in the North-West/Blackpool area give me a holler so we can head to the Viva Vegas Diner in all our finery! Now, I’m off to the beach!




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