Keen as Mustard for Voodoo Vixen

How did you say goodbye to 2018? Whether you were in your comfies with a curry, sparkling from head to toe in the club, relaxing with friends or tucked up asleep in bed, I hope that you’re now looking forward to the opportunities a new year can bring. Personally, I’m job hunting and looking forward to a new challenge. I spent new year’s eve with some my closest friends and a couple of bevvies, but I’ve decided to show you what I would have worn if I had the chance to attend a glamorous NYE soirée (the kind where waiters are carrying trays of unlimited champagne and there’s a string quartet. Hey – a girl can dream!).

I’m super excited to be showing you another stunning Voodoo Vixen outfit, especially after this summer’s gorgeous Lady Luck post! The team generously let me pick a seasonal outfit from their A/W18 collection, and it didn’t take long for me to get actual emoji heart eyes for the Olive Mustard Velvet Dress. I’ve forever lusted after the green version of this dress, which was never released in plus-sizes, and couldn’t wait to try this 1930’s style for myself! Not wanting to skip over Voodoo Vixen’s fabulous accessories range, I picked out a combo I knew would fit my look perfectly – the stunning Leopard Box Clutch and Gold Retro Disk Earrings.

Velvet eleganza! Now, this isn’t my usual style when it comes to vintage reproduction clothes. I love a maxi dress, but let’s just say this particular style does not create or highlight an hourglass figure. Don’t get me wrong – I know I look smoking hot here! This is all thanks to Kirsty McEvoy Photography who I shot with in the beautiful Harris Musem in Preston.

As you can see, the length of this dress is pretty impressive considering I’m 5’11” and it’s still sitting below my ankles. This is a rarity for a standard-length clothing item! The sizing is spot on, and even though it’s a stretch fabric I felt there was still a lot of room in my 3XL. A 3XL is a UK 24, and as I’m a 22-24 it makes perfect sense that there’s a little extra give in this stunning dress. One thing that Voodoo Vixen nails every time is their sizing – there are many other vintage repro brands who ‘run small’ and use their vintage styles as an excuse for this, but Vixen Curve is absolutely true to size.

One thing I feel would make this dress look better on my body is where the waist band sits. From these pictures, you would think this was intended to be an empire waist, sitting just under the bust. On the models on the website however, the waist band sits further down on their natural waists and definitely creates a better silhouette.

I’m sure my rather large bazoomas play a big part in this, as they fill out the entire bust to waistband section. I do feel this dress would certainly flatter my shape more if the waistband actually sat on my waist, but the opulent colour and fabric absolutely detracts from any small issues I have. The colour is so rich it’s almost gold, with the ribbed fabric catching the light at any opportunity. I love the cuffed sleeves, which again are a very good length for long arms like mine.

The Harris Museum in Preston is truly a beautiful jewel in the heart of a rather grey city. It’s beautifully maintained, with many different exhibitions and interested catered for. I’m particularly excited for the Museum of the Moon touring exhibition, which will be residing in the building from the 2nd to the 24th of February 2019. Luke Jerram’s 23-foot high, three-dimensional moon will be suspended within the building,  with NASA’s lunar imagery projected all around it. Moonlight will be created indoors, complimented by a surround sound composition by BAFTA and Ivor Novello award winning composer Dan Jones. This is a free exhibition that you would be mad to miss if you’re in the area, and I’m sure you’re going to see some beautiful lunar pictures on my instagram next month!

I thought I’d give you a rear view of the dress, because a) look at that butt! And b) you can see the waist sits correctly at the back, further proving the cut of the dress is altered by big boobs. Still, I am not mad about how I look here, and I’m sure you wouldn’t be if you had this gorgeous garment in your wardrobe.

Now, lets look at these accessories shall we? Above are two beautiful shots of the Leopard Box Clutch I chose to match this look. It is big enough for my iPhone 7, but probably not for a 7 plus! There’s a detachable gold chain included if you need your hands free, and as you can see, a small pocked for your cards/cash. I think there’s just about enough room for your phone, cash, lipstick and some blotting sheets (which is the absolute minimum I take out with me at all times!).

Knowing I wanted to wear black and gold heels with the dress, I chose these Gold Retro Disc Earrings from VV’s extensive jewellery selection. Although these could appear quite 1960’s, I felt the curves of the design and the size was reminiscent to the longer and larger dangly earrings women began to wear in the 20’s and 30’s. To show off my new short hair, I added this home-made headband I bought at a local Preston craft fair almost 10 years ago. Sadly, the name of the business has long slipped my mind, and I’ve never seen them at events since. It’s just such a simple yet beautiful design, and I am always complimented on it when I wear it out.

Thanks for reading my first post of 2019! I have a whole bunch of stuff to shoot over the next month, so there’s plenty more coming your way. Thank you Voodoo Vixen for your generosity and I’m super excited to work with Kirsty McEvoy again, as well as using the stunning Harris Museum for more shoots. What do you think of this dress? Is it too old fashioned for you, or is it the kind of luxurious item you’ve lusted after?


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