Vintage Halloween: Pumpkin Pin-Up or Haunted Honey?

There’s something quite incredible that happens this time of year…Halloween! I’ve had an affinity for this wonderful holiday for a long time. There’s something so magical about everyone embracing fancy dress, venturing into the dark and delighting in spooks and thrills. I’ve been to Alton Towers Scarefest a couple of years ago, and screamed my lungs out in their live-action mazes. There are attractions all around the UK, and where I am based in the north-west, Farmageddon and Scare Kingdom have both proved extremely popular! Why not google your local scare attractions and have a brave night out?

It won’t come as a surprise to you that I love me some vintage inspired fashion. I’ve embraced modern fabrics and evolved a kind of rockabilly/psychobilly look, mixing classic cuts with garish green leopard print. The Evanescence fangirl in me will always have a hankering for gothic skirts and dresses, but I feel I have outgrown the all-year-round haunted doll look. Having said that, there’s now a slightly more tasteful way to indulge your frightful obsessions. I always keep an eye out from October 1st, as all the vintage reproduction brands I know and love release Halloween collections! Quirky prints and spooky themes, all wrapped up in a classic pin-up sillouhette? This is my idea of heaven, mixing the macabre with my pin-up style. I can’t get enough of the intricate skull, pumpkin and witchy designs.

Don’t worry, if vintage is not your style, I’m working on a post for the slightly more edgy and urban witches among you! For this post however, I thought I’d give you a run down of my favourite pieces for all you Halloween Honeys!

Lindy Bop

Founded in 2011, this brand have quickly become a global sensation. Their affordable vintage-wear fills the wardrobes of millions. The sizing and fit originally was not great, but they have put a lot of effort into improving this, and most girls will now know exactly what size they are with Lindy Bop. Lindy Bop run up to a UK 26, but in all honesty I would say their 26 is more of a 24, especially on the bust. Recently, they have pulled out all the stops and released fantastic new prints in their dresses, skirts and knitwear. I’m seriously impressed with their latest offerings, and I hope you will be too!


I love the slightly Hogwarts-esque look of this dress, and might even style it out with some Ravenclaw robes as a pin-up Luna Lovegood! ‘Audrey’ Gothic Castle Print Halloween Swing Dress, £30 (also available in a skirt!)


How gorgeous is this colour combination? I would wear this dress to death, especially with the star print mesh shrug I snapped up in their last sale! ‘Lana’ Gothic Print 1950s Halloween Party Dress, £31


This is so Regina from ‘Once Upon A Time’, what a fabulously sexy print. Carry a basket of shiney red apples and a vampy lip, you’ve got it covered! ‘Vanessa’ Bad Apple Wiggle Dress, £30

Hell Bunny and Spin Doctor

No alt girl has got through life so far without a Hell Bunny item. They are a leader in the rockabilly fashion market, and constantly release beautiful designs. They are also no strangers to skulls and gothic trends! They only have certain items in their plus-size range, so for the purpose of my blog I will only feature these. They currently go up to a UK 22, which is 4XL on their website. It’s a pretty perfect fit, and not many of their items are stretchy, so I wouldn’t recommend to a 24.


Nice and neutral, this skirt would look incredible with a bright orange or green cardi and matching colourful petticoat. Miss Muffet Skirt, £38.99


Any excuse to have the gorgeous George on my blog! Little pumpkin-cherries and long sleeves? Come through! Jack-O-Lantern Cardigan, £38.99

Spin Doctor is the gothic sister brand to Hell Bunny: a glamorous range of steampunk, witchy and ethereal designs. They have the same size range as Hell Bunny, and a limited collection up to a size 22/4XL. I couldn’t resist adding this item to the list!


The Evadine Maxi dress features a purple ombre print of creatures from greek mythology. It’s truly glamourous, yet perfectly edgy. I love the dainty sleeves, and it’s very reminiscent of the 1940’s. Evadine Maxi Dress, £59.99


Sourpuss are an amazing American design company, and luckily UK Stockist Beadasaurus have lots of their adorable halloween home-wear available!

I’m slightly obsessed with these Sourpuss Kewpie cushions, £14.99 each

Ella Mobbs is the talented creator of Creep Heart, hand drawn designs made into acrylic accessories and prints. The name says it all, these designs are macabre yet cute. I’ve converted these prices from Australian Dollars, so they are not exact!


‘Pumpkin Cat’ mini pin, £7.40. ‘Ghost Girl’ ear studs, £9.30.

‘Bat Echos’ necklace, £21.70. ‘Walking Jellybean’ 2-part brooch, £18.50.

Finally, if you wanna create your psychobilly persona, look no further than Kreepsville 666. Grab yourself a black biker jacket, and adorn it with these (from £3.50):


Do you know any rockabilly/vintage inspired brands that I’ve missed out? Or do you relate to wearing psychobilly attire all year round? Let me know!

Keep your eyes peeled for my modern Halloween fashion post!




  1. October 13, 2016 / 11:34 am

    Oh wow, so I pretty much need every single thing on this list! The dresses in particular are amazing, but I am so in love with that bat necklace too – so cute! I do love this time of year for finding some super kitsch treasures – only snag is they seem to accidentally end up in my wardrobe all year long! 😉

  2. Rio
    October 19, 2016 / 1:16 pm

    OH MY GOODNESS!! I need that Apple Wiggle Dress in my life, its beautiful even though vintage/pin up isnt my style I still would totally buy this for halloween! 🙂 Love your blog you beautiful woman.

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