Colours? For Spring? Groundbreaking…Neutrals

Hey darlings! So we’ve come to the end of the rainbow after covering Warms and Cools, and I know there’s still thousands of shades to choose from. But lets tone things down for a minute, and look at the more subtle shades we can wear. Our other option is neutrals, whether monochrome or earth tones, these choices are far from boring. Flesh tones are sexy! You can pull off nude-illusion dresses, or bring in a pop of colour like bright orange shoes and lipstick, or a daffodil yellow handbag. The possibilities are endless! Today I’m looking at what’s on offer for neutral bases, and who’s styled up these shades the best.


Crisp, cool, and fresh. Also attracts every colourful and dark stain under the sun (including but not limited to: grass stains, red wine, pen ink and mud). I’m not comfortable in white. This has nothing to do with ‘fashion rules’, because f**k flattering, but it has everything to do with my fear of stains and accidents. I’d wear it for a shoot of course, but I’ve even made up my mind that I won’t wear white/ivory on my wedding day (whenever that may come)! It’s just not for me. However – it is absolutely stunning on these babes!

Becky * George * Chloe * Dani * Callie (on her wedding day!) * Steph

I may be brave and venture into wearing white on the top in summer, something to go with my new culottes perhaps. You’ll have a hard time getting me into a pair of white jeans, or a white jumpsuit for that matter, but I’ve recently purchased a dress from Forever 21 (see my insta story highlight!) that has an ivory background to the floral pattern – does that count?!  I’ve also featured some gorgeous dresses and jumpsuits in my roundup of current UK plus-size fashion in white:

That Lost Ink peplum top with a pair of blue jeans is genuinely tempting me… watch this space! I may be angelic in white soon!
No, I’m not talking about naughty pictures, and I’m not talking about lipsticks. Nudes is another word for browns/beiges. Not the most inspiring colour in the palette, but with a nude base you can conquer the (fashion) world. Nothing clashes with nudes, and the chances to wear the item again and again are endless. There’s an understated elegance when it comes to nudes, especially the embellished kind! As you can see below, both casual and glam looks are perfect with a touch of nudes, and it makes a wonderful alternative to white if, like me, the colour (and risk of stain!) doesn’t appeal to you.
I love how Zoë in has reviewed this dress as an alternative wedding option. It’s clearly bridal, but understated. Again, any pop of colour will work, but a firm favourite seems to be reds and pinks with the PSBlogger gang! Below I’ve selected my favourite nudes from the British plus-size fashion brands, whether you’re lucky enough to holiday away or staying on home soil. As we are in Britain, I’ve included a sexy mac as you never know when the heavens will open or you’ll need something round your shoulders to keep the chill away! Here’s my favourite nudes:

You can almost feel the summer breeze when you look at that cheesecloth top, feeling trendy yet comfortable as you walk along a pier at sunset hand-in-hand with your dream lover… I’m getting ahead of myself, but you get the picture!
Now, I find this colour far from boring, but maybe that’s cause it’s a variation of green. You can mix up so many colours with khaki, and often the brighter the better. You can also run with a strong theme, whether it’s military or safari, and really play with androgynous cuts too. Khaki is easy to wear, and really suits a casual summer outfit, as well as being quite sexy! Girly, glam or casual, I’ve never met someone who doesn’t suit this gorgeous colour. Here’s some of my favourite british PSBloggers going krazy for khaki:
Delicious! Now, it was easy to find some gorgeous khaki options in the current plus-size market, as it’s a staple favourite colour every spring and summer. The option of day to night clothing is now here, and I love that brands have chosen to glam up such a typically masculine colour. A pair of khaki trousers/joggers/culottes will become a holiday must have, and all you need is a white, black and orange set of tops to make the most of your purchase. Here’s the latest in Khaki:
That beaded top is giving me life. It’s just such a delicate way to wear a strong colour. I can see it worn over a black pencil skirt with ruby red accessories – divine!

I contemplated adding black into the mix, but realistically this is the colour that takes over most of our wardrobes, come rain or shine, and it’s always easy to find black clothing. Plus, being a goth at heart, I’d end up terrifying you all with a bondage-to-beach or kinky-yet-cool selection!

I hope you’ve found this series inspiring, whether it’s introduced you to other bloggers or I’ve caused you to fall in love with your next must-have piece. I’ve really enjoyed creating it, and I think I’ll do it again once A/W18 is available. A selection of rainbow winter coats?! Yas please!


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