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Ahh Meryl. Your career is divine; a celebration of your incredible talents. You’ve tackled roles that are hard hitting, emotional, scary and funny. You’ve made me laugh, you’ve made me cry, and you’ve made me wince (lets not talk about Mamma Mia), but nothing compares to Miranda Priestly. The Devil Wears Prada is a basic bitch film, but there’s something compellingly brilliant about the stereotypical characters, not least the fearsome and fleeky editor of Runway fashion magazine. I could watch it a thousand times, and still relish in every lip twitch of Meryl’s perfectly puckered pout. #fangirl

Last week I published a treasure trove of the rainbow’s warmest colours and what’s available for us plus-sizes on the high street. Today, I’m gonna focus on the cooler side of the palette, and begin with my favourite colour (here’s a shocker):


It’s no secret I love green. It’s the colour of nature, and the colour of my hair. It’s also another one that people have a love/hate relationship with. I’ve met many women who have categorically refused to wear green, stating it ‘doesn’t suit them’. Well I’m sorry, but I don’t think there’s a single person who ‘doesn’t suit’ green. It’s just all about the shade you choose! Again, there’s some shameless self promotion below amongst these stunners:

George * Bethany * Hayley * Nancy * Moi * Dani

Green looks fresh, funky, and opulent. Again, it suits all hair colours (but looks particularly amazing on redheads!). You can introduce some pale, minty hues to your closet or go all in with a rich emerald. For me, there’s no such thing as ‘too much green’, but I’m aware this is a strong opinion! Here’s some beauties available in the current plus-size market, priced from low to high:

I already have the green Taylor dress that George is wearing in the picture above, and I’m just waiting for the perfect night out to wear it! No doubt it will feature on my instagram soon!
Blue is probably the colour I avoided most in my adult life until very recently. I didn’t find it interesting, and since green became such a strong part of my look, blue seemed to dilute it. However, after re-discovering jeans, I’m now adding pops of blue to my wardrobe once more. Obviously teal and turquoise are more ‘me’, but cobalt and navy are always easy to find and style up. Nautical is a popular theme in Spring and Summer, but there are other ways to rock blue, as demonstrated here:
What a terrific bunch of babes. Avoiding jeans, here’s what’s currently available in plus-sizes for those of you who are feeling the blue: 
That powder blue jacket is giving me life, imagine it over a black and white gingham dress? Stunning!
Purple and Pink
Now I’ve actually found it quite hard to source some Summer-y purple amongst the plus-size retailers, so I’m combining purple with pink for this section. Pink is a colour that is associated with femininity, and this is both a good and bad thing. It makes androgynous styles look ‘extra girly’, but can also add a softer edge to the boldest of looks. I prefer dusky pinks or insane magentas to baby pink, but each to their own!

What I love about these gals is they aren’t dressed head to toe in purple and pink every day, and some barely wear it at all, but added to these outfits the colours just look incredible. I’m particularly crushing over Hayley’s pale pink tutu skirt, which I witnessed her hand-dying from a pale cream colour! Sometimes if the high street doesn’t have what you want, you gotta make it yourself!

There is plenty on offer to quench your pink and purple thirst though: 

I don’t usually do pink or shirts, but that tasselled number is calling my name to the tune of Dolly Parton…

So now we’ve covered cool colours, I’ll be moving on to neutrals in my next post and seeing who’s been brave enough to wear white (not because of ‘flattering’, but because I’m a lady who drinks dark spirits and red wine, and a white combo would not last two minutes on my body!). Sign up for email alerts on the right hand side of the blog so you will never miss a post!


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