Acrylic Jewellery: Life In Plastic – It’s Fantastic!

I cannot take any credit for the concept of this post – this week, the stunningly wonderful Melody Mae published her Wednesday Wishlist full of beautiful acrylic jewellery. She’s highlighted her favourite designers of plastic accessories, and it got me thinking about how much I’ve been buying from similar brands recently. So thank you for inspiring this post Melody, and I apologise that I’m probably going to make your wishlist a lot bigger by introducing you to these creatives!

Here’s a roundup of my favourite acrylic jewellery designers, and some of their designs:

Finest Imaginary

I absolutely adore Finest Imaginary. I stumbled upon them while searching for a significantly northern present for my friend (enter the It’ll Be Reet enamel pin!). This Yorkshire based, independent studio belongs to Kim Lawler, a designer and crafter whose beautiful creations utilise a range of colours, textures, incredible details, and homages to vintage trends.

“We’re passionate about making talk-about-able designs that you’ll love for years.”

Diamond Terrarium Necklace £30.00 “Hello My Name Is…” necklace/brooch £40.00 (currently sold out!)

I mean… look at that tiny terrarium. Look at it! Friggin adorable. There are other succulent items in the shop too!

I’m really hoping that the Name Necklaces will be available again soon, as I can see Patti Cakes on a mint green version that needs to be around my neck!

Palm Springs Mid Century House Necklace £35.00 | Palm Springs Mid Century Block Wall Necklace £40.00

I especially loved the Palm Springs range that Kim brought out, as it’s a recognisably retro style and the attention to detail is absolutely gorgeous. As the brand suggests, these pieces are definite conversation starters, and I can fully confirm you’ll receive endless compliments.

Holly Hocks

I’m really happy I came across Holly Hocks jewellery when shopping for some earrings to match my Watermelon Lady V London Dress, featured in this blog post. Bright, colourful, bold designs with a distinct theme in mind, Holly Hocks suits my style perfectly! They are super affordable and created in Colchester, England.

Iridescent Monstera Leaf Earrings £7.50 | Iridescent Geometric Statement Earrings £7.50

I love the iridescent colourway of the acrylic used in these designs. It goes from green to pink and everything in between, and looks amazing in the sunshine. I’ve had many compliments on my monstera leaves, and love the fact they match so many outfits!

Retro Hippy Flower Earrings £6.50 | Green Monstera Leaf Earrings £7.50

I’m not ashamed to admit I now own the green monstera leaf earrings on the right too. I can’t get enough of tropical accessories! These gorgeous big yellow flowers have an amazing hippy vibe, and would look great with a floaty summer maxi dress and tousled hair. There are even bigger and bolder designs available in the etsy shop – take a look!

Liz Harry

I originally found Liz Harry because of her amazing enamel pins. I quickly realised that her other offerings were just as unique, with amazing cult-classic themed collections including The Wizard of Oz. Through social media, Liz listens to what her customers want, and runs kickstarter campaigns to gauge the popularity of her designs. She’s also a talented graphic artist with an impressive range of published album artwork under her belt, for artists including Jessie J, Nicki Minaj and Queen! What a Badass Woman!

Science Fiction Movie Ticket Pendant £25.00  | Switchblade Knife Necklace £45.00

For the cult-classic minded amongst you, these are from Liz’s awesome Rocky Horror Picture Show range. I bought the red enamel badge version of the move ticket, and It’s so perfectly niche my boyfriend has been eyeing it up for himself. A lot of Liz’s creations are limited in numbers, and sometimes you’ve got to be quick when she releases something new!

Comb Necklace £30.00  | Beauty School Dropout Necklace £30.00

Another one for musical lovers, Liz’s Grease range has some pretty nifty, unique tributes to the classic film. I especially love the different finishes of acrylic she uses within each design, and the wooden comb teeth are such a gorgeous touch. Again, if you fall in love with these, you better be quick!

Sugar and Vice

Sarah and Matt created Sugar and Vice back in 2007, and are based in Canterbury. Their in-house ranges are immensely popular, and they’ve also has successful collaborations in the past with other brands and designers. Sugar and Vice create quirky and affordable jewellery and accessories, and have recently released an awesome mental health awareness collection which calls out to me.

Invisible Illness Club Necklace £12.00 | Tik Tok Necklace £22.00 

It was really hard for me to narrow down my favourites from this brand to 4 examples! There’s just far to many gorgeous items for sale on both their etsy and their own site. I really love pop-culture references like Tik Tok from Return To Oz, as a relatable little character from a lesser-known film can result in making friends with strangers, receiving endless compliments, and jazzing up a basic outfit all in one go!

Sun and Moon Tarot Necklace £22.00 | Solar System Necklace £25.00

Like most of the brands I’ve featured, Sugar and Vice also stock some pretty awesome enamel pin badges, some of which I definitely need to add to my collection! Now… how much do I need to save up for the amount that’s in my Sugar and Vice wishlist?!

Kitschy Bling & Things

I’m yet to make a purchase from this shop, but after viewing their range I can categorically state there is no way I’m missing out on these designs. From tasteful to downright tacky, Kitschy Bling & Things have you covered. Some of the interesting concepts that have been worked into their designs include childhood hobbies like Skalextric tracks and controllers!

Burlesque Glove and Bra Brooch £18.00 | Picnic Basket Necklace £25.00

That burlesque brooch is perfection, and going straight in my basket. I’m really impressed with how unique some of the designs are, in what is quickly becoming a very saturated market. I can’t wait to see what they bring out next!

Ice Cream Spoon Necklace £30.00 | Pin Cushion Brooch £30.00

This ice cream spoon necklace is particularly kitsch, and I love that you can go even more OTT with matching earrings! As for that brooch, I couldn’t imagine a more adorable homage to your mum or grandma, or any sewing fanatic who has almost definitely had a tomato pin cushion at some point!

Little Pig

From Derbyshire, Little Pig was created in 2014 and have gained popularity through their cute designs and features at tradeshows. I found the stand back in February at London Edge, and had a wonderful chat with the designer about what inspires her collections. I’ve noticed that the gorgeous Kelly has been slowly growing her Little Pig collection recently, and I don’t think I can catch up with her!

Broken Heart Brooch £20.00 | Be Mine Pen Brooch £22.00

Although I’m a sucker for details, I love how clean and simple the Little Pig designs are, and a lot of the neutral colour-ways give you more options to wear them. The brand created the monochrome Edge Edit especially for London Edge, and I remember being enchanted by their greyscale rainbow as that’s definitely something you don’t see every day, and could be seen as quite symbolic.

Bingo Card Earrings £18.00 | Jammy Brooch £20.00

As a keen bingo-goer (no joke, my bestie and I go at least once a month), I can assure you I have my beady eye on those earrings for next payday. All the old biddies will be well jell when I walk in wearing those. Hands off Mildred, they’re mine!

Right. Well. I best get saving then mustn’t I?! Unless I get a big win at the bingo, it’s gonna take a long time to afford all these bad boys.

A #treatyoself attitude can only get you so far in life!

Do you shop with or know of any other acrylic accessories designers? Seen something tacky and thought of me? Leave a comment below!



  1. July 27, 2018 / 12:23 pm

    Hi Patti! I’m new to your blog. I usually wear minimalist-style jewelry. For example, my favorite necklace right now is just a small gold bar pendant on a chain. However, I’m trying to be more adventurous with my style, so I appreciate this great round up of acrylic jewelry. Have a great day!

    • Patti Cakes
      July 29, 2018 / 8:48 am

      It’s my pleasure darling! Your current fave sounds so cute and dainty, but I do hope I can encourage you to add some more colour and quirk into your jewellery wardrobe! <3 Thank you for commenting!

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