A Second Chance At Love: Joanie Clothing

Hello darlings! Sorry I dropped off the grid for a bit… I was busy achieving a few of my goals. Firstly, I passed my driving test! After 23 lessons and 3 failed attempts, I passed my practical test the 4th try. I couldn’t be happier! I had a wonderfully patient instructor and couldn’t recommend the Fell School of Motoring in Preston enough. Thanks guys!

I also had a mini-breakdown on my Instagram stories a few weeks ago, as I felt trapped in my current job and thoroughly worn out by the interview and rejection process for new roles. A shit tonne of absolute sweethearts sent me messages of encouragement, pictures of cute animals, and general support. This was both overwhelming and incredible, and was the exact pick-me-up I needed. It’s 100% worth asking or help when you are feeling lost guys, and I am thankful or both my friends and followers for caring about me. You guys are awesome! I’m happy to say I’m now in the position where I have to choose between two job offers, both of which would benefit me greatly and give me huge opportunities. I hope I make the right choice!

You may be familiar with Joanie Clothing from me featuring them on a previous blog post – I Dream of Joanie. My review of the Lippy Lips Dress was bittersweet, as I could do nothing but praise Joanie’s designs and quality. It was the removal of UK sizes 24 and 26 from their range that made me sad. The company explained this was due to a lack of interest in the plus sizes until they went into sale, which doesn’t make good business. I totally understand where they were coming from, but now the company is not a ‘newbie’ and they’ve gained a huge following including plus-size customers, maybe it’s time to extend that size range once more?

After getting back in contact with the brand, I was lucky enough to be sent some items from Joanie Clothing back in December. Sadly, the hustle and bustle of Christmas meant we didn’t have time to shoot until now. Somehow I managed to fit in a bit of time to shoot some more content with the wonderful Kirsty McEvoy Photography on a bright, sunny day this month. To be honest, I think it was worth the wait, as I didn’t get hold of the trousers you are about to see until this month – and what a combo!

I’ll feature my favourite Joanie item in this first post, which I’m happy to report is actually now reduced from £45 to just £27. The Roxanne Lady in Red Slogan Jumper was sent to me in the XL size which is stated as a UK 20/22. With the advice of my fellow Joanie Gals, I asked for this size knowing it should fit my UK 22/24 body. They were right!

The sparkling Lurex blend knit was in fact loose in places, leading me to believe it would comfortably fit up to a UK 26. Although sparkly, the fabric is soft and non-scratchy. Being a fine knit, I didn’t find the jumper too hot to wear (and believe me, I’m ‘too warm’ pretty much all the time!).

Having already seen the jumper styled up with skirts on the Joanie website, I knew I wanted to show it off differently. Enter: The most amazing pair of red tartan trousers by New Look from ASOS which it seems have already sold out due to their fabulousness! The trousers came with a matching D-ring belt, but I added this khaki number from Primark to tone them down ever so slightly.

Suddenly, my ‘Lady In Red’ character was, in fact, a boss-bitch who takes no prisoners! The tailored, high waist cut of these trousers combined with a pair of solid, black heels made me feel powerfully tall. This contrasted beautifully with the effortlessly girlie, sparkly knit.

Maybe it was my newly short hair, but this look had me seeing myself in a sexy, androgynous way I’ve never considered before. I’ve actually added two new pairs of tailored trousers to my wardrobe since this shoot thanks to Kirsty getting me from all angles. Of course, there’s no escaping my feminine figure, and I felt particularly proud of my butt in these trousers!

Having picked up these earrings in the Accessorize sale that same week, it seemed too perfect that they brought out the yellow in the tartan pattern. Add a bold red lip (because lets face it, who wouldn’t wear a red lip with this jumper?!) and you have the look! Just to prove to you all that, no matter how good the photographer, I’m not always a statuesque glamourpuss:

You’re welcome.

Honestly? The Roxanne jumper has truly helped me fall back in love with what Joanie has to offer. The only downside for me was the length of the body. I’m 5’11”, which does put me in the minority when it comes to generic female height, but considering the arm length was actually perfect for my long arms, I was surprised that the body wasn’t longer. Still, I was always going to wear this baby tucked into stuff, so I’m not very upset.

Have you taken a chance on an item even when it wasn’t strictly your dress size? And did it work out?


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