Quick Craft: Budget Brooch Board

Here’s something a little different my lovelies. I’m yet to show off my D-I-Y crafty side on this blog, but I’ve actually created a lot of pretty and handy things in my home. I’ve been meaning to sort out something for my growing collection of brooches, and decided I had enough time last night to gather my supplies and create.

My homemade brooch board is cheap, quick, and easy to customise to your tastes and size requirements. There are many gorgeous tutorials online for more fancy versions, but I’m sure some of you will be happy with this quick fix!

You will need:

  • Cork notice board (mine was £1.99 from B&M Bargains and will do me another 2 brooch boards)
  • Stanley knife
  • Protected surface to cut on
  • Photo frame (again, a B&M Bargains special at £1.99)
  • Hot glue gun (I bought mine from The Range and I’ve used it countless times)


My bedroom has a kind of tiki/pineapple/tropical theme, so I chose a frame that made me think of coconut wood with gold detail. It will blend nicely into my wall of pineapple trinkets! I bought a size I felt would hold my collection, but an extra frame for when that said collection undoubtably grows!

Before you start, plug in your hot glue gun so that it’s ready for when you need to use it. Make sure you’re working on an even surface, and that your Stanley knife won’t damage it when you begin to cut.

Now, remove the back off the frame and dispose of the glass. Using the board on the back of the frame as a template, draw around it onto the cork board and cut out the shape with your Stanley knife. As I said, this has left me with more than enough cork for other boards and crafts.


Next, take your empty frame and line the inside ridge (where the glass used to sit) with your glue gun. Place your cork cutout into the frame and ensure the glue bonds it to the frame. I used enough glue for it to spill over the edges on the back, just to make sure it was secure. I then fitted the back of the frame in, pushing down the little black pins to hold it, but also lining the edge with glue once more to be safe.


Finally, once the glue dried, I was able to arrange my brooches on the front.

Voila! Here’s my budget brooch board!


I know it’s not professional standard, but it will do for me, and look cute on my wall.

Let me know if you have made something similar, or if you’ve tried this tutorial!



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