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I’ve received some pretty incredible messages over the last few months from women who wanted to tell me I’ve helped them. It’s really quite humbling to be told that, you know. Just the act of me getting undressed and flirty with my front facing camera has been enough for a person to start changing the negative way they think about their own skin. Women have admitted they stopped viewing themselves as sexual creatures until they discovered blogs/social media like mine and realized there is so much more to your sexuality than what is dictated as a ‘desirable body’. They have embraced the angles and lumps that they used to loathe, finding beauty in the skin they were ashamed of. They have began to view the vulnerable acts of intimacy with themselves or their partners as self-care and self-love, which is absolutely necessary. It’s such a beautiful thing to witness someone’s confidence growing, and it truly makes my heart swell with pride that I can help.

You know what else makes me happy? When brands try harder to be inclusive. Sometimes they have the money to make huge gestures. Sometimes it takes baby steps. One brand that has put the hard work in is Lovehoney. They have always had a small section of plus-size lingerie on the website, but it hasn’t always stood out as competition against other plus-size friendly lingerie brands. Well my foxy friends, this is changing!

Today they have released two PLUS-SIZE EXCLUSIVE lingerie ranges, Rendezvous and Belle Amour, and have extended their hugely popular Seduce Me range, all up to a UK size 28. That right guys, this brand has actually gone to the effort to release something specially created for our bodacious bodies, and they want you to feel smoking hot!

The campaign for this wonderful celebration of plus-size bodies includes the hashtag #sexyisnotasize, which is a statement I couldn’t support more! Sexy is a feeling, an attitude, and it comes from within. It’s not just about what you see in the mirror, but what your body is actually capable of. You can create pleasure for yourself and pleasure for others, and it has nothing to do with your dress size or measurements.

The lovelies from Lovehoney asked me to chose my favourite item from the Belle Amour range, and I fell head over heels for the Red Crotchless Body. There’s something extra-sexy about easy-to-access underwear, and as I’m aware my partner loves me in the colour red, it was a perfect choice!

The Belle Amour Body features underwired, molded cups with a modern over-bust, strappy detail. You may be able to see from the pictures below that the cups were a tad small for my 40GGs, but they did a good job of holding them up! The fabric of the body is stretchy and smooth, and although it’s not supportive like control-wear, I found it smoothed over my belly quite nicely. The lace details are beautifully soft and draw the eye towards your waist and hips with clever placement. The only thing I’d change about this beauty is I’d remove the bows, as I feel they date the otherwise sexy design. The detachable suspenders are super sturdy, and I love that the fastenings are actually metal instead of plastic, showing the thought that went into making this range feel luxurious. The crotchless gusset is both sexy and practical, so your gorgeous Lovehoney underwear doesn’t have to end up on the floor in order for you to get down and dirty! I didn’t feel that ‘exposed’ wearing it for the pictures below, even with the thong aspect, so I daresay I would happily wear this bad boy under my outfit for a date. I can already see my partner struggling to compose himself in public… what fun!

This post is filled with my unashamedly sexy body and I think you can see from my selfies that I was absolutely in the I-AM-A-GODDESS mindset!

The new ranges are available up to a UK size 28, and although this isn’t inclusive of all plus-size bodies, it’s a damn sight more inclusive than other lingerie brands have been prepared to go. This is just the start of something wonderful for the fearlessly sexy plus-size women of the UK, and I am so grateful to be part of #sexyisnotasize.

The brand have really put the work in to find out more about their plus size customers, and the results of their national survey were an eye-opener. Five thousand women across the UK from aged 18 – 65+ offered their opinions on body sentiments, inclusivity in marketing, social media and the current UK lingerie market. Lovehoney conducted this survey in an effort to understand what would increase body positivity amongst women in the UK. What did they find out?

Southern England, the North East of England and Northern Ireland are statistically the most body confident regions in the UK.

65% of the women who took part said they felt more body confident now than they did five years ago.

Over half of the women said the thought of seeing body diversity in fashion campaigns made them feel better about themselves.

Amongst the women under 30, 44% said social media affected how they felt about themselves.

If you follow me on instagram, you will be quite used to seeing me in my undies – or even less! That’s right my friends, I’ve become quite the exhibitionist, and find it both empowering and freeing to regularly show the world what my body looks like. I’ve got nothing to hide – I absolutely get a kick out of ‘leaking’ my own nudes! If my big old body is already proudly plastered all over the net, then smaller every day tasks like going swimming in a public pool or wearing less clothing in warm weather become pretty easy to cope with.

It also makes me feel incredibly sexy when I take revealing pictures. Believe it or not, I’m quite goofy IRL and rarely take myself seriously enough to actually ‘act sexy’. These pictures allow me to see myself in that light, as a desirable and fearless vixen, and I must say I quite like it! I also show off my body because it’s necessary for there to be more exposure of sexy, fat bodies.

We are bombarded with scantily clad women on an every day basis through TV, film, advertising, magazines and the internet. The constant message of ‘you’re not good enough’ takes it’s toll on mental and physical health, and many people spend their lives setting goals to reach in order to be happy, rather than focusing on what they have.

I changed my own mind, as no one else was going to do that for me: The more body and beauty ‘ideals’ I am exposed to, the happier I am in my own skin. Whether their agenda is to sell diet, beauty or fashion products that are created to make me feel inadequate, I’m not buying into it. Obsessing about the way Eva Mendes looks will not make me a 5’5″ Cuban-American. Lusting after Ashley Graham’s body shape will not change my natural build. Scarlett Johansson has a ‘scientifically’ beautiful face, and she was born with it.

I’m not hating on these women! I’m merely confirming that I am not them and they are not me.

As much as I believe it’s important to fall in love with your naked body, decorating it with deliciously sexy lingerie is the cherry on top. You are the dessert, and you deserve to be lusted after.

I adore sexy underwear. The thrill of the reveal, the reaction it brings out of my partner, the unwrapping when/if it finally comes off. I love dressing up, and there’s nothing that turns me on more than the look in my partners eyes when they like what they see, but most importantly, I like what I see.

Thank you Lovehoney for promoting that #sexyisnotasize, and providing more choice for bodies like mine to decorate our sexiness!
What do you guys think of the campaign? Have you checked out the new Lovehoney Plus-Size Lingerie ranges?


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