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One consistent feature in my life since turning 18 was being regular subscriber of Bizarre Magazine, a wonderfully alternative option on the news racks which was in publication from 1997 to 2015. This magazine covered music, fashion, quirks, kinks, art, burlesque, tattoos, and pretty much everything that inspires a girl like me! I always loved the influence and contributions from Alix Fox, front section editor from 2007 onwards. She has also put pen to paper for a number of huge publications, including Marie Claire .

Alix was the ‘Resident Sexhibitch’ for the Sexhibition 2016 weekend, a stage presence extraordinaire, ensuring no-one was left without entertainment and sharing her knowledge and filthy stories while presenting the fantastic catwalk and stage shows. She’s a vivid, lady-shaped ball of joy: an award-winning journalist, fantastically quippy presenter, and an intellectual sex educator. As a wonderfully open person, she wasted no time in giving me a squeeze when I had a back-stage-freak-out-fangirl moment coming face to face with her nipple-flashing, yellow-haired presence (she also insisted we take a silly picture, cue boob grab!).


This lady takes all subjects seriously, even the most bizarre and hilarious. She’s an utter inspiration, with an incredible talent for wording the most difficult and unique of subjects tastefully (or absolutely not tastefully, depending on the audience). She runs a sex podcast called Close Encounters for The Guardian, but also has her fingers in pretty much every pie. She runs workshops and training alongside Ann Summers (here’s a wonderful review from Sex and London City!), is a UK Sex & Relationships Expert for Durex, and even has time to collaborate with Brook sexual health charity.


After a grateful but sweaty encounter backstage, I was convinced I wouldn’t get another chance to speak to Alix that weekend. She never seemed to stop, presenting every act and show seamlessly, making the audience laugh, squirm, and question their own sexual preferences (she’s bloody gorgeous!). Luckily, she remembered my face when we ran into each other later that weekend, and graciously agreed share her limited spare time in a quick interview with myself. I was thrilled!

Patti: Alix Fox

Alix: Hello, Supergirl!

Patti: *blushing* erm, In terms of the representation on the catwalk, you said something really special when you were up there presenting

Alix: I say a lot of really special things!

Patti: You said: “It is absolutely fantastic that this catwalk is not just full of thin, white women”

Alix: YES!

Patti: The way that you phrased it, it meant a lot to people in the audience such as myself who don’t quite conform to the standard of ‘thin, white women’

Alix: Who does really conform?! There’s actually very few people in this world that conform to those supposed ‘ideals’  of beauty that are thrust down our throats like hideous porn star cocks *laughs* I don’t conform to that stereotype. I’m white, sure, but I’m not particularly thin. I have quite small tits – my ‘mini-milks’. There’s many things about me that don’t conform to that standard ideal of beauty. I think it’s been genuinely brilliant to see so many people strut their stuff including: people in wheelchairs, people with prosthetic limbs, human beings using crutches, human beings of all different shapes, sizes, and the whole spectrum of colour and culture. I love that about Sexhibition and I want to see more of it! I mean, I think it’s very fashionable at the moment to talk about diversity, but are we really seeing it as much as we want?

Patti: Well that was my next question!

Alix: I feel like sometimes when it’s done as well, it’s kind of token-istic? Or it’s a bit like people do it for ‘points’ on Instagram, you know? Like ‘Oh, #effyourbeautystandards’

Patti: I’m so glad you said that!

Alix: Not that its… that’s a good thing! Just sometimes it feels like it’s still the ‘mainstream’ and then adding body positive stuff.

Patti: That the body positive movement is still elitist?

Alix: That it’s still putting people in a box. It still has to be made a ‘thing’ out of. What I love about Sexhibition is that it’s not remarked upon. It’s just people, models, being presented as models. As wonderful human beings! We don’t go ‘and now we’re gonna do the body-positive, curvy models!’

Patti: The fat show! Yay!

Alix: Yes, exactly. ‘Oh look! We’ve got the black people here!’. It’s not made a big deal out of. And as a result, it’s so natural! This is a wanky word to use, but it’s organic isn’t it? You just see people genuinely doing their thing, and it’s believable and wonderful. I feel Sexhibition genuinely is really sexy, and accessibly sexy. One of the lovely things about it is: I walk around and I get ideas and I think ‘I really could look like that’ and ‘I really can feel like that’ and ‘that would really work for me’.

Patti: Yes! Did you actually have any freak outs about what you were going to wear, or wardrobe malfunctions?

Alix: Oh! Ha Ha! I had a left diamanté nipple tassel go flying –

Patti: It was the star of the show, let’s be honest.

Alix: Yeah! I mean, I’m not too bothered. Whoopidy doo dah, Alix Fox has got a nipple. It’s not exactly a shocker is it?! I mean, if it was on the end of my nose or something, or if I had seventeen of the buggers then it might be a bit more –

Patti: I’d pay to see that!

Alix: I would pay to have them! Maybe I’ll have them grafted on this year. That can be my next body modification. I know people who have had nipples removed, nipple nullification, but I don’t know anyone who’s had extras put on. Maybe I’ll suggest them to Samppa Von Cyborg!

Patti: That will absolutely become a thing.

Alix: Yeah! Really, that was a minor malfunction. In terms of wardrobe, I tend to be a lady that flies by the seat of my pants, so I always have a re-enforced gusset. I brought a suitcase that I just scraped a load of stuff from my wardrobe into, cause I never know what I’m going to feel like on the day.

Patti: You’ve been inspiring, you really have! Everything you’ve worn has been inspiring.

*On Saturday, Alix sported a pair of glow in the dark platform heels, a blush silk dressing gown ever-so-gracefully gaping to expose one diamanté encrusted nipple, a fetish harness, a neck ruff, and a handsome set of sparkling horns. Sunday, she’s wearing nude fishnets with the same heels, a customised pair of red silk boxing shorts that say ‘Foxy’ and ‘Bite Me’, some handcrafted  nipple pasties saying ‘Bizarre’ and ‘Love’, accompanied by the top half of a ripped white vest (and the rest crafted into fetching arm wear). The entire combination is intoxicating, and she radiates alternative beauty throughout the weekend!*

Alix: Oh, thank you! Well I’ll be absolutely honest. My period was a bit late because I’m epileptic and I had a fit earlier in the week – which I didn’t mention to Cheryl (the organiser of Sexhibition) but it’s fine to talk about now! She would have panicked, bless her.

The fits sometimes mess with my body a bit, and I was a bit late on, so as a result I felt like someone had put a hot air ballooon in my womb. So I wasn’t really feeling the clingfilm-latex look. Wasn’t feeling like getting shrink-wrapped!

Patti: Not today, Satan.

Alix: Exactly! Exactly – not today, none of that.

Patti: So finally, what do you want to see from next year’s Sexhibition?

Alix: Oooh! Now, a little birdie tells me there are going to be two Sexhibitions next year! One in London, and one in Manchester!

Patti: *gasps* Oh wow! An exclusive!

Alix: So what I would like from Sexhibition next year is a) if you could hire me again that would be lovely, or lower me, lower me into a pit full of naked men. In fact: Dear Cheryl, please lower me into a pit of naked men. If I could have just five minutes alone with that guy from Cabaret of Sins that would be nice as well. Him with the hips.

Patti: This is your rider now!

Alix: My rider is to ride him! I would like his consent, of course. My hopes for Sexhibition next year? I really enjoyed seeing Slube here, that was great.

Patti: More waterworks then? More water themed attractions up on the stage?

Alix: Yeah! But I always really enjoy the fire too, that would be nice to see. Any variation in performance is always fun. I compère at Club Pedestal which is at a female dominance night, and I always enjoy the male burlesque there. It would be nice to see some more male burlesque here.

Patti: We had Sir Midnight Blues who was fantastic, but there’s so much more!

Alix: Oh I didn’t see that!

Patti: He was here last night, on the pole. Literally, rainbow-ed out. Boylesque is beautiful!

Alix: I really like Tom Harlow

Patti: Yes! With the androgyny.

Alix: I think he’s great. He does a puppy-dog act which is a big favourite of mine!

*Soundman waves to signal Alix is needed*

Alix: Oh I need to go a do some more work!

Patti: Thank you. You’re a very important lady and I love you lots!

Alix: Important?! I’m a very impotent lady sometimes! *shouts* I WOULD LIKE A BOYFRIEND NEXT YEAR!

Patti: Haha, that’s your last word of the interview? I’m going to put it in capital letters.



Well there you have it, I got to interview Alix Fox. And hug her repeatedly. I’m not gonna lie, I would be jealous of myself.


Thank you Alix, for being a wonderfully weird, eloquent and beautiful person!




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