A Fine Bone: Meet Prudence

Lets get personal. In fact, lets get physical.

No, not that kind of physical.

I’m going to talk to you about sexual pleasure. Most of this post will be from my point of view, as a biological female. I will, however, try and make it accessible for all bodies and minds, as there is always something to learn from each other!

I used to be a sales assistant for a well known high street brand which specialises in lingerie, intimate pleasure, and kink accessories/equipment. It was during university when I started this job, and it did a lot more for me than just paying my bills. At the age of 21,  I developed a use of language and tact that many outside of medicine will never possess when it comes to discussing the sexual stimulation of our bodies and minds. I had the opportunity to act with professionalism and respect when speaking to complete strangers about their sex lives, desires and experiences. I was also in a position to educate people on things that had never crossed their minds, introducing them to new concepts and reassuring their concerns. I genuinely loved getting customers who were eager to learn, honest about their preferences and returned to thank me for my help.

I left that job for a very exciting retail opportunity with my favourite cosmetics brand. I had no regrets, but always wished I still had that platform to talk about sexual pleasure openly with people who wanted to listen. I’ve now realised from the fantastically diverse audience this blog attracts that I actually have that platform, so now I intend to use it!

Rather than having several rambling blog posts about my relationship with toys, masturbation, lingerie and more, I’m going to narrow down each post to a specific subject or item which I feel has enriched my relationship with my body or my partner. I’m going to dedicate this blog post to a brand I’ve been introduced to that I genuinely can’t get off my mind, and I’ve not even tried it yet!

Fine Bone is a UK based brand that makes sex toys crafted from traditional British porcelain. First of all, can we all congratulate them on this amazingly punny brand name. It’s absolutely brilliant! Fine Bone’s first product is a beautiful, sleek internal and external ‘massager’ (that’s dildo to you and me) called Prudence. 

Aside from being a brilliantly innovative sex toy in an over-saturated industry, what makes Prudence stand out from the crowd is the slick and stylised advertising campaign. Ffion has rolled with a very niche, spectacularly kitsch 1970’s theme to illustrate Prudence’s look. A distinctly vintage colour palette mixed with glamorous beauty shots, retro furnishings and the 60’s/70’s experimental attitude towards sex makes Prudence unforgettable. Think your nana’s home décor meets a vintage swinger’s party. The imagery is bound to make you smile, and so is Prudence.

Every step of Prudence’s journey has been taken with care. Ffion’s aim was to create a product which promotes self love under the basic criteria of being accessible, ethical and affordable. Prudence arrives in a minimal cardboard tube, avoiding large amounts of waste packaging. She comes in a protective cotton travel bag made by a fair trade co-operative which contributes to charities helping female victims of sex trafficking. Imagine that; your investment in your personal pleasure has a direct impact on helping women in need gain financial independence. Now you have 2 reasons to feel amazing!

Ffion did not want to produce an object resembling a life-like penis. She did not want to use materials which mimicked human skin. What she did want was a sex toy which would not alienate people of any gender or sexuality. I think she’s nailed it! Look at her. She’s beautiful! Prudence can be mistaken for a rare kitchen utensil, left out on your vanity, passed off as vintage crockery, or hung on your wall as an ornamental feature. No-one would know, unless they had a filthy mind (and would probably benefit from Prudence being in their lives too!). The design is safe to use, and the ring at the bottom doubles up as a feature. Firstly, it makes it easy to navigate and move the toy in intimate areas you may not be able to view. Secondly, you can hook any number of small, vibrating toys through the loop and turn Prudence the dildo into Prudence the vibrator. Genius!

So, why porcelain? Hard, solid sex toys have always been popular. From historic wood and stone dildos to modern steel and glass designs, the benefit of an organic material is not just that it will stay hard. You have the choice to play with temperature, warming or cooling your toy for a unique sensation. Aside from curves and ridges in the design, these toys are usually easier to clean than their softer, squidgy-er brothers and sisters. There’s less chance for dust and lint to stick to the surface, and no opportunities for discolouration. The porcelain is also heavy, making it deliciously weighty and guaranteed to stimulate from all angles, and great for toning too! The materials used are hypoallergenic, meaning Prudence is very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction (especially compared to latex or silicone).

Now for the (potential) bad news. Though much effort and love has already gone into the creation of Prudence, her journey to success is by no means complete. The concept of Fine Bone has taken 5 years of the wonderful Ffion’s life, and has culminated in the launch of the Kickstarter Campaign to produce Prudence on a larger manufacturing scale. This means if you like the idea of Prudence being in your life, this can only happen if Ffion reaches her Kickstarter goal of £10,000 before August 11th 2018! As of today, she’s almost half way there, and I’m hoping that spreading the word about Prudence will help boost her pledges!

For those not in the know, when you pledge money towards a Kickstarter, it will only actually come out of your account if the businesses total goal is reached. This means, if you pledge just £5 towards Ffion’s goal and she receives £10,000 in pledges by August 11th, that £5 will come out of your bank account and ensure Fine Bone becomes an accessible business. You have the option to pledge any amount you choose, or one of the special Kickstarter reward packs!

  • Pledging £5 gets you a set of Fine Bone Stickers
  • £12 is a bundle of kitsch condoms and Fine Bone Stickers
  • £50 gets you Prudence herself when the product goes live in February 2019
  • £85 gets you TWO Prudence toys – one for you and one for your BFF (or your adventurous partner!)
  • £100 gets you Prudence and an invite to her exclusive London launch party in February 2019
  • £200 gets you Prudence, the condoms, stickers and launch party invite, and you become one of Fine Bone’s future prototype toy testers!

Of course, you can pledge as much or as little as you like, but every £1 counts towards Ffion’s goal for Fine Bone and Prudence. Remember, you’ll only pay that money if her Kickstarter is a success, then everyone’s a winner!

Ffion’s concept for sex toy design stands out. So often, genders or sexual orientations are ignored when it comes to the design and marketing of sex toys. To me, Prudence is a fresh, unique and beautiful product which will retail for a price far more reasonable than the ‘luxury’ sex toys you can buy in stores.

With Ffion’s incredible style and ethics, Fine Bone will be able to produce a lot more products like Prudence, and I for one can’t wait to see what they create next!

Good luck Ffion, I truly hope you reach your goal!


I’m so pleased to say that the Kickstarter campaign was a success, and Fine Bone will be offering Prudence for sale in February 2019! I should have my hands on it before then, and I can’t wait to let you all know what she’s like!


I have not been paid to write about or review this product. I’ve made my own pledge through Kickstarter as I believe in the business, and I hope you can tell from this post how passionate I am about this concept!


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