Winter 2017: Starry, Starry Night

Twinkle this winter without looking like a Christmas Tree…

Now I know that I’m not the most tasteful person (read: I love tacky and kitsch), but even I can tell when a Christmas trend is going to look fashionable or not. Yes, a wooly Christmas jumper is no doubt festive, and snowmen and holly will instantly make us think of winter. You can have a pair of Santa earrings, or a full on ‘Naughty Elf’ ensemble if it floats your boat. There’s definitely an element of forgiveness needed when it comes to fashion faux pas at this time of year! However, there is a way you can get into the holiday spirit without looking like a mascot from the North Pole.

One trend I always find to be appropriately seasonal is stars. Whether they are reminiscent of a crisp winter night with clear skies, or influenced by the Christmas story, stars contribute to an altogether beautiful festive trend. Thankfully, my favourite brands agree, and I have an abundance of twinkly celestial treats to share with you!

Prepare thy purses, I feel a shopping spree coming… all collections are arranged from prices low to high to help you budget:)


If covering yourself head to toe in glitter isn’t for you, then why not feature your festive twinkly friends on a tasteful bag? This is something you can use again and again, and many of these would suit a wide range of styles outfits! I’m confident that you’ll lust after at least one of these babies:


I don’t need an excuse to buy another pair of glitzy earrings. Here’s some accessories that can brighten up an LBD, and yes, those tights are plus size!:


Why save the spangle for outside the house? Everyone loves a fresh pair of PJs for Christmas and these offerings are no exception! Simply Be and Evans have plenty of choice for plus sizes:


Work and Play
Whether you prefer a skirt or trousers, this selection of tops can take you from office to bar and keep you in the festive mood:


Got time to change after work? Got an altogether more alternative look in mind? Look no further…

I’m a sucker for a party dress, especially when it makes me feel like a goddess of the galaxy. I’ve snuck an Elvi skirt in here because it’s just too gorgeous:


Now we can’t forget to decorate our tootsies can we? Here’s my wide-fit friendly choice:


I don’t know about you, but my shopping lust has reached a new level right now. My personal apologies to your bank balances!
I hope you are all in the holiday spirit and have been invited to at least one soiree that has given you an excuse to glam up and glow!
That being said, I fully endorse the idea of getting a brand new pair of PJs, cuddling up on the sofa and annihilating an entire cheeseboard (with wine, of course)
Stay tuned for more festive fashion themes!


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