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A roundup of A/W 2016’s trends as displayed through the latest lines from Yours…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t think of myself as ‘trendy’. The thing is, a lot of the over-the-top, kooky details that have always been a part of my wardrobe find themselves ‘in fashion’ every so often. Then I become trendy for a season or two, before going back to being told I look like a nana or an old fisherman’s wife!

Having my weekly browse through the Yours Clothing website, I was struck with inspiration for this next post. First of all, I want to personally congratulate the following  plus-size models for winning the 2016 #faceofyours competition! You all look gorgeous, especially Claire, Hannah, Eleanor and Jodie whom I’ve previously worked with at Curvy Convention! Such stunning, diverse models. I only wish that Yours put your individual heights and dress sizes next to each so that women could relate to you more! Eleanor is such a petite thing, it would be great for your customers to know what lengths will work for them. Claire is a glamazon, and is similar height and dress size to myself, which is making my shopping a lot easier!

Now let’s talk trends.

My favourite feature is tassels/fringing. I pretty much love them on any item of clothing! There’s the 1920’s fringing aspect, where you can glam up an outfit. Or you can go the opposite way and add a bit of the wild west! Yours clearly enjoy this too, here’s some of what they have to offer!

Fringing and Tassels

Black peep-toe heeled tassel Boots, £29.00 (E fit, up to a UK 9)

Black Over The Knee Suedette Boots with Fringing Detail, £49.00 (EEE fit, up to a UK 10)

Taupe Suedette Heeled Ankle Boots With Tassel Detail, £30.00 (E fit up to a UK 9)

Black PU & Suede Bucket Bag With Tassel Detail, £16.00

Silver Beaded Long Tassel Necklace, £8.00

Black & Metallic Silver Longline Tassel Wrap, £18.00

Velvet, velvet, velvet (or velour). Need I say more? I love it. I know there are some of you who can’t stand it, so just skip this bit if you like! However, another sexy option is satin. Cami dresses have been a big hit this year, and underwear as outerwear is still a hot look!

Velvet and Satin

Velour Rib Leggings in Wine, £17.00 (up to a UK 36)

Black & Multi Velour Glitter Skater Dress, £36.00 (up to a UK 36)

Black Velvet & Sequin Embellished Fully Lined Jacket, £55.00 (up to a UK 32)

Black Satin Midi Chemise With Lace Trim, £28.00 (up to a UK 32)

Black Platform Slingback Heeled Shoe With Glitter Bow, £29.00 (EEE fit up to a UK 10)

Black &Gold Lace Detail Underwired Bra, £19.00 (Cups D – G, Backs 38 – 46)

Black & Gold Lace Detail Satin Brief, £8.00 (up to a UK 36)

Stars and sparkles are a regular festive feature. As the nights get darker and clearer, the stars are most beautiful in winter. I’ve noticed a lot of star prints emerging over this year, and this season is no different. Combine these with sparkles, and you’ve got yourself a supernova look:

Stars and Sparkles

Black & White Star Print Dress Hanky Hem Dress, £33.00 (up to a UK 36)

Khaki Star Print Swing Top With PU Trim, £23.00 (up to a UK 32)

Black & Silver Glitter Shoe Boots, £29.00 (EEE fit, up to a UK 10)

Silver Sparkle Wrap Front Midi Dress, £36.00 (up to a UK 36)

Silver Hand Beaded Occasion Clutch Bag, £18.00

Silver Long Tassel & Bead Cluster Necklace, £8.00

Lace! Sexy, skimpy, or just a touch of glam. Every woman should have at least a patch of lace in their wardrobe, if not an entire section! Here’s a variety of additions to luxe up your looks:

Racey Lace

Black Lace Cut Out Bomber Jacket, £29.00 (up to a UK 36)

Black Crepe & Lace Choker Swing Dress, £29.00 (up to a UK 36)

Lilac Satin & Black Lace Moulded Balconette Bra, £25.00 (Cups D – G, Backs 40 – 48)

Black Satin Robe With Lace Trim, £35.00 (up to a UK 32)

Black & Lilac Satin & Lace Briefs, £10.00 (up to a UK 32)

My one issue with Yours is that their in-house designed bras stop at a G cup. They do have a fantastic range of larger back sizes, and I know these are well received. However, many times I’ve tried to wrestle the Mitchell brothers into one of their gorgeous designs with no luck! I would probably be a H in Yours if they made it. It’s so hard to get affordable, pretty bras with matching high-waisted briefs! A lot of the fantastic lingerie companies I support such as Curvy Kate and Elomi rarely offer a high-waisted style, meaning I often have to improvise if I want a ‘matching set’ for special occasions. I promise you now, if Yours went up to a H cup and beyond, I would happily give them my money!

So there you have it. As you can see, Yours are often exceptionally inclusive in their sizing, with large feet and dress sizes over a UK 30 being offered across the majority of lines. I understand that this makes them incredibly popular, and a main contender for plus-size fashion on the high street. I hope you enjoyed this post and see what trends you already have in your collection! I’m regularly rocking my tassels and velvet, but I’m yet to try the cami-dress trend. There’s a first for everything!


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