Badass Women: Radioactive Unicorn

Do you enjoy any of the following: glamour, makeup, nails, glitter, gothic beauty, pinup beauty, alternative beauty, horror films, heavy metal, rock music, the macabre, the strange, the fantastical and the downright twisted?

If the answer is no, who the hell are you and what are you doing on my blog?!

If the answer is yes, then read on…

I urge you to go and check out Radioactive Unicorn. The sparkling child of Aimee Tink, alternative plus-size model and all around boss babe, Radioactive Unicorn is about to enter it’s 3rd year of business. She began with a small selection of unique glitter nail polishes, inspired by her favourite music, films and people. Fast forward to this year, Radioactive Unicorn now offers bath grenades, highlighters, liquid lipsticks, and more to come!

Untitled design(1).png

Recently, I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon with this beaut. We have a bit of a history, Miss Tink and I, and it was time for a catch-up. You see, Aimee was the first person I contacted when I thought about venturing into the world of modelling. She was a fountain of knowledge for me, a plus-size pin-up model with a heart of gold (unless you cross that bitch). She aided my baby steps into the industry and has been an incredible friend and mentor through everything I do with Patti Cakes and BigBawdyBurlyBeauty.

So here’s the interview we did live from Home Sweet Home, Manchester. Apologies about the sound, we ran the interview through Facebook Live and had just finished our massive wedges of cake before switching the camera on!

WARNING: Swearing, sexual references, general dithering and lots of fleeky makeup contained.

Damn I love that queen.

So why is Aimee Tink in my hall of Badass Women?

Because she had a goal: to create a brand that represented everything she felt the cosmetics industry was missing. To run a social media which inspires everyone and discriminates against no-one. To be a published pin-up model. To never have to go back to a boring office job again. And she did it!

It’s an honor to call you a friend, and I cannot wait for the future of Radioactive Unicorn and Aimee Tink, alternative plus-size model.




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