Who I Follow

Here are some incredible, inspirational, hilarious and beautiful people who I think you should check out (in no particular order!). This isn’t just a ‘shoutout’ to my friends, this is a list of the blogs I read regularly and learn a lot from. There’s always something new to see or someone new to discover!

Plus Size Blogs:

Fatty Boom Tatty | I Knew I Was Next | Becky Barnes Blog | Violet Glenton

Charli RussonNerd About Town | Curves and Curls | Ginger Girl Says | Lottie L’Amour

Amanda Apparel | Fuller Figure Fuller Bust | Ruby Thunder | Sugar, Darling? | The Em Edit | A Rose Like This

Pin Up Blogs:

Melody Mae | Curve Creation | Miss Victory Violet | Miss Amy May | Polkadot Paintpot | Curves To Kill

Food Blogs:

Two Chubby Cubs